4 Things To Keep An Eye On In The Office

October 12, 2017 8:45 pm

When you’re running a busy office, it’s easy to let things slip and then later on discover a huge problem that could have been dealt with a while ago. If you’re in this situation, you should be creating yourself a plan to stick by, and also a guide for everyone else to follow. In this article are going to be four things that you should include in that list.



It may seem trivial, but stationary is one of the most important tools that you can have in your office because you know if your technology fails, then you’re still able to use a trusty pen and paper for the time being.

Appoint someone to regularly check the stocks of all stationary, paper and other things that you need for your office, and get them to reorder if the office is running low on supplies. That way you won’t find yourself scrambling around after a pen or a piece of paper.


Making sure that your computers are regularly serviced by a professional is imperative to keeping your office running smoothly. Make sure that you have designated companies to call for each problem that could go wrong, so that if a problem arises and you need to call IT support, then you’re not wondering which company to go with.

Another thing you should be keeping an eye on with your computers is how your staff are using them. Make sure that they are properly trained to use the programs that they are expected to use, and also make sure they’re not using their computers for anything other than work. This can lead to viruses and other harmful threats to the company.


Working in an office can be very draining, especially if all that you can hear is everyone tapping furiously on their keyboards. Mistakes can easily be made if someone is feeling overworked, and there are two ways to get around this:

  1. Reduce hours in the office so that everyone is as fresh as they can be.
  2. Give more breaks to your staff so that they can clear their head and continue working productively.


While deadlines are important, sometimes situations arise where they cannot be met. However, if you notice that a particular person or department are frequently missing deadlines, then you need to deal with the situation and make sure that their workload isn’t too high, or worst case, they’re not doing their jobs correctly.

If you’re not the boss or owner of the organisation, make sure that any problems are reported to the correct person so that it can be dealt with. Not only will this help the company, but it will guarantee your position within the company is safe because you’ve shown you’re truthful and trustworthy.

If you’re head of an office, try adding these four things to your to do list and see if there is any room for improvement!

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