4 Reasons Uni Is The Best Life Choice Ever

July 14, 2018 5:59 pm


There are some downsides to university. Moving away from home for the first time is never nice; neither is doing it alone and having to make friends. Plus, there is the cost to factor it too. The average debt for a student in 2018 is as high as £30,000. Paying that amount off over the course of a lifetime is tricky. So, you can see why sixteen to eighteen-year-olds are trying different paths.

For the cons, there are pros, and they often tilt the scales in a student’s favour. Here are four reasons uni is the best life choice ever.

Brand New Opportunities

In the past, establishments used to focus on a handful of core subjects. Anyone who wanted to be a journalist or a scientist or a mathematician was fine. Those were the subjects which provided the best quality of teaching and teachers as well as materials. 2018 is different. Nowadays, a diploma in public safety is an option. An online mps degree is available at many institutions. Some unis offer modules on Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, the point being that the opportunities are endless. Whatever you want to study, you can as long as you choose correctly.

Character Building

Everyone knows the social side of being an undergraduate. The parties are part of the reason young students enrol. Spending the nights drinking and the days recovering, with a smidgen of studying in between, is one hell of a lifestyle. However, there is more to it than getting drunk and missing lectures. The culture teaches young people how to interact and mingle. Plenty of students are shy and reserved when they start, yet leave confident and ready to tackle the world. The social skills learned at university are the foundations for a prosperous future.

Career Driven

There is a myth that a degree doesn’t increase a person’s chances of landing a job. Yes, lots of graduates don’t fall into work when they leave. It takes time and patience to secure a position which is lucrative and relevant. Still, the idea that you can do it without qualifications is ridiculous. The market is saturated nowadays because degrees are easier to obtain, yet that’s why going to uni is an essential career move. According to research, 96% of grads are in full-time employment three years after graduating. Experience is important but so is a certification. Knowledge is power.

Little Black Book

In a perfect world, everyone would be a self-made millionaire and there would be no need for favours. In reality, having someone to scratch your back in a time of need is necessary. Contacts can nudge the door open wide enough for you to break through. Of course, it’s important to own a little black book full of phone numbers, email address, and social media usernames. University is the start of the contact rat race. Your peers are people in the same field who you can call on in the future to aid your career.

Doesn’t uni seem like the best career choice ever?

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