3 Steps to Blowdry your Hair the Right Way

May 20, 2013 2:36 pm

It’s definitely worth learning how to blow dry your hair the right way. Getting carried away with too much heat is detrimental for the health of your tresses. Protect your hair from becoming dry and brittle by using your hair dryer wisely. Follow these instructions to perfectly style your strands.

It All Starts In the Shower washing hair

Really, it’s all in the preparation. Wash your hair as sparingly as possible to avoid natural oil being stripped from your tresses. Wash with cold water, as a warm shower can frazzle your cuticles.

Once you’ve followed your usual hair care regime, wrap your wet hair in a clean, cotton towel. Resist the urge to rub your hair, as this will cause damage and split ends. Leave it for a few minutes so the excess moisture can be absorbed into the fabric, then carry on as usual.

Allow your hair to air dry for as long as possible. Don’t immediately plug in your hairdryer when your tresses are sopping wet. Your hair will take a long time to dry, and so your hair will be more vulnerable to acute heat damage.

Buy A Good Hair Dryer

Don’t just purchase the cheapest equipment. Try to buy the highest quality you can for your budget. Your dryer should come with a diffuser nozzle to adequately distribute the hot air. A great hair dryer will have a variety of settings for more efficient styling and drying.

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Blow dry hairNow For The Warm Bit

Once you can wait no longer, switch on your hairdryer – choose a moderate setting; nothing too hot. Prepare your hair with thermal oil or spray to protect your tresses from the worst of the heat and then start drying your hair with a round headed brush.

Keep moving the hairdryer and don’t linger on any areas. Don’t place the nozzle too close to your scalp. It shouldn’t burn your skin – if it does, turn down the heat setting.

Use your round head brush to comb volume into your locks. You can tip your head upside down, if you want more of a lift and dry your hair that way. Women with curly locks should dry by gently cupping their tresses and lifting them towards the blast of air, so they hold their shape.

You shouldn’t dry your hair to the extent that it becomes bone dry. Leave moisture in your locks, so your hair still feels slightly damp to the touch.

Once you have your style in place, and you’re happy with the finished look, blast your hair with the cool setting. This’ll gently dry your tresses, create a shiny appearance, and help your look keep its hold.

Be careful not to go hair dryer mad, and where possible, fully air dry your hair. Consider any heat tools a luxury and don’t get carried away with hot styling. It’s better to have healthy hair than a half-baked ‘do!

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Ava Watkins is a freelance journalist who specialises in beauty and lifestyle. Click here for Elchim blow dyers and get your hair care right for special events.

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