2013: The Year of Faux-Feminism.

January 13, 2014 5:52 pm

So 2014 has finally dawned upon us, and whilst I’m sure many of you are already conjuring up new promises you’ll swear to keep for the future ahead, I decided to reflect back on what the previous year provided us with. That’s when it hit me- whether we realised it or not, we were evidently introduced to the intensity that is the world of faux feminism. And I for one can’t help but (dramatically) scream out, where has originality gone to?

Our year of pop culture attempted so hard to bring back the vibe of the 90’s down to a T- from everything to the Madonna-influenced risqué clothing and denim on denim overkill. But it noticeably seemed to miss the mark of ‘Girl-Power’ that bands like the Spice Girls were oh so happy to smother us in. Apparently now it only takes a bit of ‘suspicious smoking’, as the Daily Mail likes to put it, to join the club of patriarchal independence. As ladies take note, whatever the men are up to, we were shown that female celebrities were just as capable.

Lily Allen’s comeback video expresses ‘how there’s a glass-ceiling to break’ but I argue that it is more so from the women themselves instead of men.

We were given the pleasure of witnessing the cringe worthy music videos provided by born again Miley Cyrus. And one also can’t forget the newly reformed fashion designer that is Rihanna- although I do question how her arguably simple clothes with a stuck on G4LYF has swarmed so many in. Her endless tweets of morning-after faces are not only very overrated but also verging on the brink of expected. So why is it that embracing ‘the twerk’ or wearing as little clothing as possible (no matter how traumatized the rest of us have become in the process) is  seen as some kind of sign of female rebellion? They seem so desperate in trying to convince the world that they never desired to be role models, yet they are still influencing girls of today to become these Miley-Cyrus-performance-at-MTV-VMA-2013-2223059grotesque ideas of feminists. Kelly Clarkson has demonstrated how her sanity is still very much in tact by highlighting the reality of these ‘pitchy strippers’.

What is worse is that I witness these same acts of depression being played out by my very eyes from girls around me. After studying fashion in college, it was honestly refreshing to look at the Avant-Garde creations of past decades. But it is depressing to say the least that all we seem to be generating are Rita Ora robots. I am all for self-expression in any form but the sporty beanie hats and hi-tops seriously need to vanish along with the New Year. This is not a rant, but a plea for originality back in our lives. I am also a firm believer that in no way should our behaviour or fashion be shaped by gender stereotypes. So I am not trying to portray the picture perfect of pink Barbies, but it equally does not mean we must walk with one hand down our trousers to fight against this.

And one thing is for sure, after THAT MTV EMA performance, the once innocent foam finger will never be looked at again in the same way without the image of Mr Thicke’s crotch striking right back.

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