10 Things Every Mother Is Sick of Her Friends Saying

July 1, 2015 4:37 pm

As the only mother in my friendship group.. My friends often don’t realize the way us mother feel about certain things.



1. Want to come on a girls holiday? This weekend?

*face-palm* No, unfortunately I cannot just abandon my responsibility because its a weekend


2. Your like the mother of the group.

No, just because I have children does not mean I want to deal with your childish issues and immaturity. Thanks.


3. You sound tired

NAH really? Ridiculous, I mean I don’t go to work.


4. I love that Friday feeling..

Yeah thanks. I get that all the time. Oh no wait, my Saturday is just like my Tuesday which is just like my Thursday and Wednesday and Monday and Sunday. Not going to lie, Friday isn’t all that great.


5. I don’t know how you do it!

Well, if I don’t do it, no one else will! It is not really a surprise, every other mum does it too.

mom and child

6. OMG your babies make me soooo broody.

Well feel free to take them for the day, you will soon bring them back!


7. You only had the baby like yesterday and now its like 5.

……. You really have no idea.


8. Do you think you will have more?

You are joking right? I’m not running a baby farm!


9. I reckon you will have more when we all start having kids.

No no… trust me..  I will be laughing as my kids walk themselves to school and make their own dinner.


10. Why don’t you just do this… (enter rubbish parenting tip)

Oh thanks, yes instead of potty training I will just let them run around the garden naked to be free and natural. Brilliant.




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