Women, mind-set and positive thinking.

May 8, 2012 2:06 pm

Women’s mindset, is it really different to men’s? Do we have different thoughts, compassions, needs, expectations and vision?  I wonder if I fall into the “norm”?  Is there a “norm”?

I was raised well, have no bad memories of younger childhood (pre-teen) and have a life full of friends, luxuries, work, free-time, motherhood, partnership, fall-outs, eating disorders, and paranoia.  Phobia turns into an ability to speak in a group and in front of a group but then bouncing back to having self-doubt and reclusiveness.  Quiet time when I am not happy turns into a paradox of story telling when I am feeling happy.  There is always self doubt.  Is it possible to live a life constantly changing between extremes?  I have been told I am “black or white”, by many actually. I should be more “grey”, be more open to “grey”. How can I become “grey”? Can a person really change, and should I?  Should I take on the opinion of the masses or should I stay myself?  People love me I know.  Some find me a little weird, some are frightened by me and some need to learn from me.  I have lived in different countries, spoken several languages and mixed my life between cultures.  I must say that the English life is not the life I feel  best suits me! People judge and lie, all the time and media really does have a lot to answer for.  Every morning in London thousands of people get on a train and read the free newspaper “Metro” and the same happens in the evenings, on the way home, with “The Evening Standard”.  How much of this is actual news, trivia or fibbed up space filling strangeness? Again and again, day in day out.  What a lot of power and advertising abilities for a little free newspaper.  What a great business!

Follow your passion they all say, then you will have success.  This is true I feel.  If you are bored by your job then for sure you need to have a reality check.  Get out and move on.  Take a risk.  Don’t waste your time or energy on something that bores you.  What motivates you?  What inspires you? Who inspires you?  Follow them, watch them and learn from them.  You can be what you want to be, you can achieve and feel what you want to achieve and feel.  Someone who is not so confident shouldn’t be judged, but encouraged to …for example write, or design something, something that keeps them secure in their comfort zone but with success will slowly open them up to stepping nearer to the edge with the interaction that their success will make them encounter with others.

If you are good at maths, then be an accountant. If you love science, then study the bio-chemistry of the universe, if you are happy being a follower, then follow.  Know yourself and understand yourself, know when your gut is telling you something, put in the time and effort for things that make you smile and make you feel satisfied and that make you feel you have accomplished something.  Getting out of bed and getting dressed is a positive step in the life of the depressed, eating a piece of toast is an accomplishment for an anorexic, pulling off that proposal and presentation to the agency that you are pitching to is an accomplishment to the media guru who gets off on that type of working day.  Life is different for all of us.  Every day, everything is different to each and every one of us.  When I look at the moon it is not what you see, even if you are standing right next to me.  Be yourself and learn to like who you are, faults and all.  You are amazing, we are amazing, don’t lie, don’t judge, just be.  When someone puts you down, believe me, it is because they are threatened or frightened by you.  It is their insecurity, not yours that leads people to behave that way.  Don’t be unhappy and always believe in hope.  Whatever happens today, hope will get you through, belief will get you through, and doing what you know you do best will get you through.  How amazing and wonderful this world is, how amazing and wonderful you are.

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