Wind Power: Onshore vs Offshore

October 3, 2013 12:08 pm

The arguments for and against wind power have raged back and forth over recent years between the country-loving outdoors enthusiasts who don’t want every beautiful view to be spoiled by the tall white wind turbines, to the green and energy efficient enthusiasts who would see us give up the harmful energy sourcing processes that we currently operate.

The question is, who is right? Simply put, both arguments are right. No one wants to see every beautiful piece of scenery ruined by large looming clusters of windmills but at the same time we all want our children to live in a world that hasn’t been completely destroyed by climate change or where they have to pay through the roof to keep their house warm because energy sources are running low.

So what is the answer? There are a few companies who are now beginning to take the idea of Offshore energy more seriously. One of these companies is Siemens who in the video below show how the wind farms we currently see on top of hills can instead be placed in the oceans and seas. No one needs to see them destroying the landscape of the countryside and furthermore, there is far more space in the seas enabling as many wind turbines as necessary to be placed there.

Unfortunately, this is an expensive procedure. There are obstacles such as getting the power to land, improving the storage of power and deciding who pays for what. But arguably it is worth the extra cost, especially when backed by companies such as Siemens, so as to not ruin the timeless views of the Scottish hills and mountains and the beauty and serenity of the English plains.

There are other exciting developments in green energy, including solar panel fields, wave energy and nuclear energy. All have their problems, but finally we are starting to find solutions for how to gain the maximum effect from these opportunities whilst upsetting as few people as possible in the process . Perhaps the future is bright (green) after all….

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