Why Religion Is The Root Of All Evil.

August 29, 2014 6:10 pm

A controversial topic, religion. But we aren’t exactly sure why. We are just expressing our opinion, we do the same when we dislike a book or a film. We do that without thinking twice. But a religion, no. When one is talking of religion, one is stepping on very thin ice. I intend to completely smash the layer of ice I’m standing upon and dive into the freezing cold waters that sit below me. I think it’s about time we hit the nail on the head.

religious warReligion. Created thousands of years ago as an explanation by the confused. Then a group of people saw this as an opportunity, an opportunity to gain power. They harvest this; claiming they were prophets and friends with this mystical man in the sky. People overcome with excitement believed this, accepted them, worshipped them.

They began to divide off into different places, with a mass following of slaves. They claimed imaginary land and drew lines in the sand. “This belongs to us, because God said so”. But they got greedy. They wanted more, and on the service of God. God being their internal monologue telling them that they need more power, began to push into other territories.

War broke out between these religious savages. This frightened the people, they didn’t want to fight. They were confused! So what did these Priests, Mullahs and other religious leaders do? They commanded that God told them that they had to fight to get into this mystical place of beauty called “heaven”.

What these people do is make up their own rules for power. I don’t believe for one second the leaders of religious organisations believe. How can they? Making up rules to suit them. Corrupting this once beautiful story. So what do you have? You have all of these religious books promoting war, hatred and fear in God. A fear that if you don’t do as the people in charge tell you, this mystical being will fuck your life up. Because fear is the easiest way to control someone.

Religion isn’t about spirituality, peace and understanding. It could have been, but it’s not. It has been corrupted. Made into a subject that is forced upon the masses and if you dare question it, the worst will happen. It is so easy to say to someone “You must do this because God said”. It’s a known fact that you should never question him.

Look at the middle-east. How many countries now live under a forced Islamic rule?! You HAVE to be Muslim or die. What kind of fucking choice is that? What kind? Who has the right to give someone that kind of horrific choice? God does. Fuck him! What a cunt.

So, why is religion the root of all evil? Because religion actually means to have power. To be in control.


You’ve got Christians and Muslims shocked by North Korea. How hilarious. Look at yourselves! You are limited to follow your dictators. Don’t you dare have sex before marriage! Don’t you dare eat meat! North Korea have Kim Jong as their dictator. Religious people have God. It’s the same thing.
Religion has had some input in every war, every conflict. Because it always has something to gain. So, and it may be extreme but if the world powers came together and said “We Ban Religion”. I bet you- the world would finally be peaceful.

Religion is a mental disorder. But one that is being passed from generation to generation. Open your eyes. Look at all the deaths caused by “faith”.

  • Jordan Pace

    While the majority of your points are valid, reading this I feel your writing it with a very cynical and biased attitude, do you really think that if there was no religion all conflict in the world would just stop? Just because something is controversial doesn’t mean its correct.

  • Ben Acton

    This is such a huge subject. I disagree with what you say in the article, despite being an atheist – sure religion is used as a front for men to do terrible things. But that is not the fault of religion, it is the fault of men (and women).

    Religion is also responsible for countless good things as well: hope, inspiration, companionship, charities to name just a few.

    Whether God exists or not, there is one quotation that has always stayed in my mind.

    “Religion is flawed, but only because man is flawed.”

    • Vibrunazo

      That’s irrational. Religion was created by men, its flaws reflect men’s flaws. Of course men are flawed, so flawed they invent flawed belief systems and other flawed men fall for it.

      When the religion explicitly tells believers that rape is OK. You’ll have to do some exotic semantic dancing to pretend the problem is not the religion. The Bible, for example, supports slavery, rape and ethnic genocide. But not all Christians approve of these things, because as human beings, they’re better people than those who wrote the bible. So they reinterpret that to mean whatever they believe is right. Christians can be very good people. But the religion they follow is not.

      “Good people do good things. Bad people do bad things. But for good people to do bad things, that takes religion.”

      • Ben Acton

        Taking the bible as our example. Yes, the OLD testament does say things about slavery etc. and at the time of writing, that is how culture was, so naturally it was incorporated into the bible.

        The new testament however, which is what separates Christians from other sectors that also believe in the old testament, is pretty much all about love – love yourself, love your neighbour, love the poor and helpless – hell, it even makes a point of jesus befriending all the “outcasts” of the time such as tax collectors and prostitutes. To put that in modern day arguments, I would suggest Jesus would befriend homosexuals and anyone else who is oppressed.

        However much you want to bash religion, you can’t deny that the gospels contain a pretty good instruction manual for kids growing up. Anyone with any historical learning knows to interpret the old testament as being fire and brimstone as a reflection of it’s current culture.

        Sadly, for people like ISIS – they haven’t worked that one out, and the people to blame there are their (perfectly educated) leaders who brain wash these people and make them killers. It isn’t religion.

        • Vibrunazo

          Jesus condemned people to eternal torture by burning in hell for wearing 2 different types of fabric, for not believing in him, and even for not following the rules of the old testament you pretend he disagrees with. The very fact that you choose to ignore that these are written on the new testament and choose to only pick the parts about love. Proves that YOU, Ben Acton, is better than whoever wrote the Bible. You know what is wrong from right, so you look at Jesus sending people to hell for trivial things and you think “this has to be wrong, this isn’t love, this has to mean something else”. So you try to reinterpret to pretend the new testament is all about love (it isn’t).

          This is the point. You are a good person, the bible isn’t. I’m not attacking you, don’t take it personally. I’m attacking the religious belief which clearly supports rape and ethnic genocide. You’re such a nice person that you ignore half of the teachings of your religion, because your religion teaches a whole bunch of shit. The problem with ISIS is that, differently from you, they actually believe all of that crap.

  • garethWill

    i agree 99% the only thing i don’t is there will still be some war as you get dicks who are not religious as well

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