What is wrong with social networking websites?

June 3, 2013 2:54 pm

If you have ever scrolled down your Twitter feed you would have most likely seen something very offensive towards someone or something. So offensive, in fact, that it may have shocked you! But have you ever realised that the person who wrote this hateful comment would never say it to someone in person. So that raises the question, what is wrong with social networking sites?

Well that question is easily answered: nothing. Yes, that’s right, nothing. The real question is: what makes people so hateful and mean on social networking websites?

Twitter (social network)

Now, that question is much harder to answer. Maybe it’s all the anger coming out from a stressful day. Or someone who enjoys inflicting mental pain on others. Recent studies have shown that many people use Twitter and Facebook to show their hate for someone, rather than updating their status to where they are or what they are doing. Which is what websites like Facebook were invented for in the first place. You could say that people of the technology era have adapted to social networking sites in their own particular way.

Huge stars such as Nicki Minaj and One Direction’s Zayn Malik have left Twitter due to the hateful comments aimed towards them by self titled “trolls and haters”. So I have came to my own conclusion on why people love making others feel bad behind the mask of social networks: because it is fun. Many people find putting others down to make themselves feel better is fun. It is like a very cowardly way of bullying people.

Sadly there is no way to stop this, it will always be there. Because there are always going to be people that feel the need to do this. Some get carried away and can’t stop. Like this form of cyber bulling is a kind of drug. People enjoy it and although it is hurting others it makes them feel good – well, until they get the backlash.


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