North Face Launches “Longer Days” Summer Initiative

April 16, 2014 5:50 pm

North Face has launched a new initiative called “Longer Days” that encourages outdoor endeavours now that spring has arrived. The company, which sells outdoors kit including camping and hiking gear, has created two competitions in which users can win daily and weekly prizes ranging from high quality outdoors utility backpacks to a thousand euro voucher for the best overall submission.

The two competitions aim to encourage people to explore new and exciting places. The first competition gives a daily prize to the person sharing the best photograph from their current expedition. Pictures of standing on top of mountains or on rocky cliff edges are the type of thing North Face are looking for. One of the latest pictures shows a man tightrope walking across an expanse of water balancing on just one foot. These types of images are likely to win this competition and have been extremely popular with contestants.

The-North-Face-Longer-daysThe second competition involves downloading the “Explorer” app which tracks your personal activities and where you go. The app uses GPS to detail exactly where you’ve been and achievements or “badges” are awarded for various accomplishments that the adventurer achieves whilst exploring. The best exploration routes win a weekly prize and one lucky explorer will win the grand prize, receiving the thousand euro voucher.

The video above has received critical claim and North Face’s work has been called “inspiring” and “motivational” by YouTube commenters. Some of this is undoubtedly down to Samantha Del Greco whose piece Explore Spring, designed especially for the video, creates an epic and atmospheric feel. Whatever your plans this summer, if you find yourself exploring new places and taking beautiful pictures, it will be worth your time participating in the North Face competitions!
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