The Top 5 Entrepreneurial Fears Of All Time

June 6, 2018 9:46 pm


Businessmen and women are calculated people who can make a big decision at the drop of a hat. They are cool, calm and collected, and they don’t let the severity of the situation get into their head. Entrepreneurs use facts and figures to make a decision and then stick to it like glue.

The paragraph above is a concise version of how regular people see bosses and management types. The truth is that entrepreneurs have the same flaws as everyone else. It’s what separates you from the robots.

Below are the five biggest worries that are bound to run through your head.

#1: Am I Good Enough?

No matter how confident you seem, this is a nagging doubt that never goes away. Don’t try and eradicate it because it’s helpful. Arrogant, cocky business persons are the ones that fail. Entrepreneurs that are nervous and question their skill set are humble, and that’s what drives them to learn and grow. In short, it encourages you to be better at their job. On the flip side, never let it cripple you into procrastinating and stagnating. Even with the fear, you should pull the trigger and take a risk.

#2: Is This Life Sustainable?

Making money doing something you love is weird. It’s as if you’ve stumbled across a secret no one else knows quite yet. Firstly, the fact that you are happy shouldn’t get in the way of a career. However, it is a smart move to justify the dedication before committing. The key is to factor in the potential for money now as well as in the future. Is the profit enough to get by, and is there room for growth?

#3: How Can I Stand Out?

Competition is fierce, and it is worse since the rise of the internet. Standing out is essential because, otherwise, customers won’t invest in the brand. You have a right to be worried, yet don’t overestimate the problem. With accountant qualifications at Avado to hand, offering a new service that you rivals don’t is straightforward. Or, you can go green and advertise the fact to customers and consumers.

#4: Am I Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

The answer for the short-term is yes. There’s plenty to do and only one person for the job. All you can do is prioritise tasks and delegate roles to other people wherever possible. For example, sole traders often invest in outsourcing solutions to hit deadlines. Not only this, but third parties are money-savers as well as stress-relievers.

#5: How Long?

Nope, not how long will it last, but how long will I have to carry on like this? As questions go, this one is almost impossible to answer. Marissa Mayer works 130 hours a week and Yahoo is a global titan. The trick is to decide what you want and maintain a steady ethic when you reach this target. Or, sell up and move on to a new chapter in your life.

Can you, or do you relate to any of the fears outlined above?

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