The Most Emotional Pet Movie Ever

February 8, 2017 3:32 pm

A story of love, devotion, and loyalty,  Hachiko: A Dog Story is a tribute to an extraordinary loyal pet to his beloved human companion. Not just your typical ‘’weep and bawl” movie, it tackles about the emotions involved in friendship and family. It depicts how deeply the yearning for someone you love could go.


“Hachiko: A Dog Story” is an American adaptation of a true story of a dog that lived in Japan in the 1930s named Hachiko (an Akita puppy). It shows his unwavering loyalty and undying love for his master, Parker Wilson (Richard Gere). Wilson is a college professor who one day discovers an unlikely goes around the Rhode Island train station. He then decides to take the adorable lost puppy home with him. Soon, they formed a strong bond of familiarity with each other.

Every day, Hachi follows Parker to the train station and goes there every evening to greet his master after work.  The story takes its turning point when one day, the professor fell deathly ill and hadn’t come home from work. Hachiko waited day after day for his master to come, but Parker never did.

During his nine years of waiting, the amazing dog touched the lives of the vendors, the stationmaster, and the many commuters around the station square.  He also started to attract the media’s attention, and soon, all of those who heard his story.

A bronze statue has been built in the Shinjuku station in honor of Hachiko’s faithfulness. It still stands until today and has become a favorite tourist spot in Japan.


This film’s introduction of the loyal dog and a man with a loving heart in an idyllic setting was superb. It catches and engages audience quickly. It also reinforces the principles of love, selflessness, and devotion.

All throughout the film, however, the director, Lasse Hallstrom, has managed to create a calm pace which unsurprisingly soothes the audience. He also moved the story to the 21st century Rhode Island so that it is relatable to modern American audiences.

Hallstrom has once again proven his ability to bring emotion to his films through this story presented in a dog’s point of view. The movie is very moving as it gracefully portrayed the dog’s maturation through the passage of time. Combined with the beautiful cinematography and natural performances of the actors, it has given justice to Hachiko’s story.

The film has a “G’’ rating so that it can be enjoyed by young and old people alike. In fact, it’s a great movie for the whole family to watch together. For viewers who are dependent on fast-paced and action-packed movies, however, the movie might seem a little dragging. But if you give it a try and watch it until the end, you’ll be able to appreciate the movie as it is.


“Hachiko: A Dog Story” is an emotional and moving film with a bittersweet ending. What makes this a memorable film is the fact that there is really a true Hachiko and that Hallstrom has brought him back to life.

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