The Hidden Treasures of Peru

October 22, 2013 4:59 pm

It is easy to forget the history that lies behind some of the older civilisations of the world. The forgotten Empires of the Incans and Mayans dominated South America and the latter lasted well over a thousand years, arguably longer than the Romans. Whilst we do not hear about these cultures in our history books at school, they were highly influential in South and Central America and there is much that they have left behind for us to see.

Marca Peru’s new video encouraging people to visit these incredible remnants of Peru’s ancient empires illustrates just exactly how much historical culture can be found hidden away in this remarkable country. There are entire fortresses, built on top of mountains or in the midst of eternal mist clouds that still stand as ruins and are fascinating to see.

The famous Inca Trail is merely the icing on the cake when it comes to things to visit in Peru. There are countless ruins rich in incredible history dotted around the country. But it isn’t just visual wonders that Peru has to offer. The Incans were also the early discoverers of the Coca leaf which they considered sacred and found to have healing powers. Today the leaf is used for something quite different altogether but still features in medicine as it did with the Inca Empire.

If you are looking for a comfortable holiday, there are also some newly erected five star hotels and cuisine native to the Ancient Peruvian way of life. Peru is absolutely full of culture and probably one of the most interesting places to visit in South America owing to the vast amounts of architectural history that still remains for tourists to see.

For a further insight into the beauty of one of the world’s greatest hidden treasures and if you think you need more convincing to take a trip there, watch Marca Peru‘s video and see for yourself why a visit to Peru is worth its weight in gold.

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