The Anatomy of An Incredible iPhone Monitoring Software – XNSPY

June 19, 2015 1:07 pm

I will be giving you a walk-through to this amazing new iPhone monitoring software, XNSPY. My hands-on experience has been very satisfactory. It does what it say and the user interface has been designed to ensure that every type of person can use the application. But first let us see how this app works.

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How Does XNSPY Work?

The application needs to be installed in one of your iPhone devices. But first, you have to download it through their website. Once done with the installation, which is pretty easy using their guide. Customer support is also available, in case, you stuck on something. The app goes rogue once inside your phone. That is how it fulfills the monitoring purpose. The app creates back-up of everything that is accessible through it on a cloud server. Your iPhone monitoring app can do the following:

  • Access calls, SMS and contact on the target device.
  • Read iMessages
  • Read IM chats from Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Viber and Skype.
  • Record calls and surroundings.
  • Locate the target device’s location.
  • Remotely lock your phone, wipe data over it or send commands.
  • Watchlist important names, contacts, words, locations.
  • Alerts for Watchlist.
  • Create Geo-fences

The list will go on but there are few distinctive features of this app. The tracking feature given by this app is very superior in performance. You cannot only track the current location of the target device, but also the location history. The control panel, from where you access all of the information is superb and lag-free.

Watchlist is another handy feature. It allows you to add all the suspicious words, names, contacts or slang words that you want to be notified about. If you are worried with the kind language that your children should not use. Or if there are certain people that your kids must stay away from, then XNSPY should be your choice.

XNSPY— Your Best Buddy At Work

It’s a great iPhone monitoring app for your employees’ phones. Employee monitoring is now like a norm in U.S. Don’t miss out on anything important that is going on amongst your employees.

XNSPY— Your Digital Parent

Working parents hardly get any time to monitor their child’s activities because of a busy schedule. It’s pertinent for parents to go for some monitoring app so that your children are always safe from any sort of trouble.

Well it’s a great iPhone monitoring software, with infinite uses. XNSPY has made sure that your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste.

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