Mystery Paranormal Activity Found in Hackney Marshes

October 25, 2013 3:14 pm

For those interested in parapsychology and exceptional experiences, the mysterious events recently reported at Hackney Marshes will be of particular curiosity. Numerous paranormal sightings have been proclaimed in which huge crop circles and multiple unidentified objects are described to have created a distinctive symbol dug into the grounds of Hackney Marshes football pitches. People provoked and excited by this enigma have been visiting the grounds to see the strange evidence for themselves and have been left “stunned”, “bewildered” and “amazed”.

Who has caused this? What does it mean? Do aliens exist? Paranormal activity and the ‘unknown’ has been investigated for years. There are countless unexplained cases on file, including UFO sightings, orbs and obscure crop circles, all of which are constantly being explored with no concrete answers to date. Scientists typically insist that parapsychology is absurd, but why then do such experiences lie outside the range of normality and scientific explanation? For those who believe in paranormal phenomena, these recent events at Hackney Marches will certainly be added to the pile of ‘evidence’ which is yet to be explained.

If, like many others you are intrigued by these events then go and see for yourself. Enter the heart of the enigma and visit the football pitches where these mysterious crop circles beneath strange metal objects lie unexplained. Reports suggest that similar sightings have been found near Rio de Janeiro, the centre stage for the coming World Cup. Perhaps an alien football team is upset they have not been invited to the event, or maybe they merely want a grand seat for the big event (Rio de Janeiro’s football crop circle is situated on top of one of its mountains). All we have been left with are the words #WINNERTAKESEARTH. But what could this mean?

Whatever the truth behind these mysterious circles, we can be sure that something exciting and as yet unseen by humanity will materialise from it!



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