Methods to Tackle Depression

October 15, 2012 10:06 pm

Depression is one of the most common problems faced by people these days. Many of them take therapies from psychiatrists, empty their wallets out and ultimately reach nowhere worthy of significance. One of the most general reasons for being depressed is the feeling of being unworthy. Others may be financial status, being ignored or not being the most “popular” at school. I’ll write in a very informal way, so that you feel like I’m your friend, and that I’m talking to you, giving you a little pep-talk.

For the Ones Who Think They Are Unworthy:

# Distract Yourself
Do what you enjoy doing. That may be dancing, singing, drawing, painting, texting, or listening to music. Think of anything and everything except for the things that depress you or make you feel low. Trust me, you’ll feel much better and even happy.

# Learn To Appreciate Yourself
Stop letting yourself down. Think of all the things you are good at. Gradually, you’ll realise that you can do a lot of things that others can’t. Some of you may be great singers or awesome dancers. Others may be great drivers at breakneck speeds, and so on and so forth – the list can go on and on. But the point is, DO what YOU are best at. It’ll make you feel good. Real good. Learn to love yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself, because there are many things that you can do, but others can’t. For example, I appreciate myself a lot only for the fact that I can control my eyebrows and make them dance. It’s really funny though.
Anyway, you can do a great many things that others can’t.

# Life Is About Creating Yourself
This one is for the super-depressed people, who really didn’t give a damn to all that I wrote above. For you guys, if you aren’t ready to accept that you’re gifted with one or other ability, then try and understand this beautiful line that I read somewhere at random:

“Life is not about exploring yourself; it’s about creating yourself..”

If you really think that you’re not blessed with any talent, it’s time you start creating one. I mean, magicians aren’t born magicians; writers weren’t writing at the age of two, so even you are unaware of your potential ’cause you probably never gave it a try. So, now is the time, start trying something new and it’ll help you out of the trauma for sure.

# Most Important Point
There’s a track by the name Welcome To Wherever You Are by Bon Jovi. Listen to it, whenever you feel low. The whole track, although slow and accompanied by very soulful music, uplifts your spirit and makes it soar. And at that very time, you’ll also realise that when you are happy, you enjoy the music; but when you’re upset, you understand the lyrics.
My favourite line from that track surely is :

“Remember that you’re perfect, God makes no mistakes..”

Do post a comment saying what your favourite line is.


For the Ones Who Have Financial Problems:

#Rome Was Not Built In A Day
Now, for the ones who’ve been running for success and feel that it’s been running away from you. Please try and understand that God tests your nerve before giving you something big – even if you’re really very deserving. A genuine question that commonly arises in your mind: “I know a certain someone who does nothing but gets everything he wants. Why is that so?” Well, to be very true, I do not know why. Neither does anybody else. The only point is: are you just like him? Do you know what exactly goes on in his life? If you aren’t even similar to him, what’s the point of comparison?

You get really bugged up if your parents compare your grades to that of the smart kid in your class. (The smart kid who has always been your friend, but you’ve always hated him inside.) Well, then it’s the same story here. When you compare yourself to someone, you insult yourself. You freely declare that you are not good enough and somehow, the other person is much better than you. Give it a thought and do not cheat yourself on this one!

Now, back to the topic. Getting depressed or crying over the spilt milk is not the solution. The motto is: “rise & shine.” When you fall, do you ever refuse to get up again? No, of course you don’t. You get up. Dust your pants and move on. Even if people laugh at you, you get angry or embarrassed for a moment, and then move on. Same is the case now. Stop thinking too much and simply move on and keep moving.

They say there’s just one difference between the winner and the loser – the loser QUITS but the winner keeps FIGHTING.

S K Atwal.


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