Major Stores Reveal Frozen Toy Shortages

February 16, 2015 5:39 pm

A Disney representative verified over the summertime that they were prepared to fulfill the demand for Frozen toys this Christmas, though current reports say that popular toys like the Snow Glow Elsa doll, and the Frozen Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox could be hard to find in some US shops. Stories from Ireland say that enhanced demand for the Snow Glow Elsa doll has actually literally grown out of control, worryingly so that it is currently sold out or in restricted supply virtually all round the country.

Maurice Doyle, the Banba Toymaster store manager said that every 3rd call to their Dublin store was from moms and dads desperate to find a Snow Glow Elsa doll for their kids, adding that they were already sold out and unlikely to get anymore stock ahead of Christmas. He said : “The shortages are truly genuine, even in August we struggled to get anymore in the shops. Every year it’s the same actually when something just takes off, like Lucy the Puppy last year, and Frozen toys this year.” He explained that the product was produced in China, indicating supply could not constantly fulfill demand rapidly enough.

UK huge retail Argos says the popular doll based upon the smash-hit film showcasing royal siblings Elsa and Anna is also hard to get a hold of at present. Toy retailer Smyths have also commented that the Frozen line of toys had actually become very popular, with stock levels being very lowfor certain items, like the Snow Glow Elsa doll.

Olaf from frozen animated movie


Disney has actually verified the viral appeal of Frozen toys since the movie was launched last December, going on to become the most significant animated film ever, as well as one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. A company representative said : “We are doing everything in our power to fulfill the demands of moms, dads and kids wanting the Frozen toys product as presents this Christmas.”

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