Ibiza’s Ushuaia Beach Hotel Takes Technology To The Next Level

June 16, 2014 3:16 pm

If you are a veteran of the Ibiza clubbing scene then you will know all about Ushuaia Beach Hotel’s famously extravagant open air parties on the seafront of the fabulous Playa d’en Bossa beach. The parties are infamous in their own right and if you haven’t been before you can see what we mean by watching the video below from the 2013 summer season. However, there is something even the most seasoned of Ibiza clubbers will not yet have heard about this particular party Hotel.

This year, in conjunction with Microsoft, the Ushuaia Beach Hotel has hooked up all of its suites with Surface tablets and Xbox 360 Kinect gaming consoles. These consoles will have all the latest games available on them as well as thousands of HD movies and the ability to stream any music of the user’s choice. On top of that, all the Xbox devices can be linked to each other throughout the hotel so if you are travelling with a group of friends; you will be able to play and connect with each other from your different rooms.

ushuaia beach hotel ibizaCombined with the other various virtual experiences the hotel offers, this collaboration with Microsoft will undoubtedly put it amongst the most technologically advanced hotels in the world. Essentially, the Ushuaia Beach Hotel is offering its guests the full package: Party all night (and all day if you want to) and then relax and play games for the rest of the time.

What do you think about these technological advances in the hotel industry? Is this something you would like to experience or are we becoming too absorbed by technology? Comment below with any thoughts you might have and if you find yourself going to Ibiza – don’t forget to take a peek at the Ushuaia Beach Hotel Ibiza.

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