Hamster Drives the New Volvo Truck

September 12, 2013 1:50 pm

In a bizarre and somewhat nerve-racking new clip from Volvo Trucks, a Hamster sits behind the wheel guiding the robust machine down a narrow mountain pathway. Technically, of course, the hamster isn’t cognitively doing the driving, but through the medium of a carrot, he is steering the truck down the windy mountain path to safety at the bottom.

It isn’t all quite as neat and tidy as normal stunts might be. At one stage the Hamster drives the truck into a fairly hefty clump of rock which is sent spiralling off the road edge and gives a slightly uneasy feeling in the stomach that if the truck were a few inches to its right, it might not have just been the rock that went flying…

The clip is supposed to show off the reliability of the new Volvo Trucks’ steering capabilities, but instead shows a neat little trick of how to get your hamster to drive (Caution: Perhaps don’t try this one at home). If nothing else, you have to love the originality of this stunt and, who knows, perhaps this is only the beginning of an illustrious career for Charlie the Hamster!

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