Generation Z: Why We Must Nurture the Crop

October 3, 2014 12:27 pm

Ahem, can I have your attention please? Now that you’ve lowered your smartphone from eye level and jettisoned the Facebook tab from your internet browser, I’ll begin.

Just to be clear, I’m not having a pop at you, I’ve literally just taken those exact steps in order to conjure enough concentration to complete this article before caving into the urge to fiddle with my phone apps. If you’re reading this, then you most likely belong to a little group commonly known as Generation Y – a tech savvy crew of fast paced digital consumers with heads full of innovative ideas, pockets full of gadgets and the concentration span of a gold fish.



Growing up in an age of major technological advancements has given most of us Generation Y folk a certain mind set – the acute ability to think outside the box and really begin to thrive in a time where the economy offers very little. Unlike our brethren, Generation X, our crop now relies less and less on the clear cut path from school to uni or an apprenticeship, and more on our own initiative by using the technology around us to our advantage…

For instance, rather than being chained to a desk for eight allocated hours a day, you might find a member of Generation Y having a quick video chat to cash cow client in a KL internet café, just before shooting off to scale the Petronas Towers – we aren’t afraid to exploit our ability to produce work and connect with anyone, any-time, anywhere – and we have the technology to thank for that.

Although it’s true that technology has offered an exciting new dimension to art, music and pop culture, it may also ring true that to some extent, that it’s robbed our generation of certain interpersonal skills and the ability to concentrate – when was the last time you watched a film without checking Facebook?

The saving grace for us is that most of us still hold some of our parents more traditional values and when we were children or teens, did enjoy tangible things like CD’s, toys and paperbacks – we even used to use the land line! So, Generation Z…they’re here and they’re the children of the future – who knows, you may even spawn some yourself. Through an instinct to use and understand modern technology, our generation has helped to change the way the world thinks, and the next crop will take that instinct to a level that we couldn’t possibly imagine.

But, as things progress, it is our duty to teach our future children that there’s more to life than virtual reality, otherwise all those little moments that inspire us to create such incredible and poignant works (think of your first kiss) of art will cease to exist – Generation Z and beyond will be advanced all right, but without enjoying the experiences of yesteryear, they’ll be about as real as an Angry Bird.

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