China’s ‘One Child Policy’: Is it moral?

May 16, 2013 12:15 pm

Some people are aware of China’s current population problem, whilst others are not. China has a policy known as the ‘One Child Policy’ which was implemented in 1979. The policy has raised debates about human rights, morality and how China is going to battle the problems this policy has caused.

One child policy

In the 1950s and 60s China was encouraging large families. As traditionally its a symbol of strength, but this soon posed a problem. By the late 60s to early 70s China’s population had grown by 55-million people, and resources were scarce.

In 1979 the Chinese introduced an anti-natalist policy known as the ‘One Child Policy’. This policy meant that each couple could only have one child. By having one child the Government would provide you with benefits including housing, financial aid, education places for the child.

The pressure to have one child wasn’t the issue, it was to give birth to a boy. In Chinese culture the boy would look after his parents when they age, but if they had a girl, the girl would look after her husbands family. This lead to what is known as female infantcide, it also lead to increased abortions and leaving the female children on the streets.

So due to boys being favoured China now has a boy to girl ratio of 118:100 while normally it’s 105:100. If you had another child after you’ve already had one you may have had forced abortions and all your perks taken away. Another issue is the 4-2-1 problem, which means to every 4 grandparents is 2 parents and then to them is only 1 child.

However the policy has been successful, as China’s population growth dropped to 0.4% and is slowing. Their target was to stabilise population growth by 2050, but at current rates it’s expected to stabilise by 2030; 20-years ahead of target. Because of this the policy has become slightly more relaxed; but it’s still in place.

Other problems include that you have to ask permission from your employer for what’s known as a ‘green card’ to enable them to have a child. Furthermore if you had more than one child you may have a forced adoration along with removal of all your perks.

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