Stroller Constraints On CTA Buses Disliked By Moms

April 29, 2015 9:00 am

RedeyeChicago news just recently voiced an online campaign to ditch the C.T.A questionable stroller restrictions on buses, which has been gaining steam amongst parenting groups on social media. Michelle Parker, of Lakeview, prepared an online petition asking for stroller users to have the exact same rights as wheelchair users after a bus operator told her she had to fold her compact stroller to board a bus. The petition, which Parker prepares to submit to the CTA, has amassed more than 160 signatures since last Tuesday.

The Authorities stroller policy is among the most dissentious rider issues. According to C.T.A guidelines, stroller users are encouraged to fold their strollers prior to getting onto the bus if crowded. Strollers may only stay open in reserved seating unless a senior or rider with a disability requires the seat. The strollers in Singapore comply with all the requirements and standards. A representative stated… “This is a ridiculous petition. I’ve raised 2 kids. I understand the troubles of managing children and their stroller and stroller organizer on the C.T.A That said, it never struck me that elderly or handicapped individuals should be on a par with my situation. I have alternatives; they do not.”

strollers in bus

Federal law makes it a requirement for the C.T.A, and other transit firms to designate reserved seating to senior citizens and riders with specials needs. CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski stated… “Kids in strollers are very welcome on the CTA, but there is a hierarchy who gets reserved seating first. Riders in wheelchairs or scooters, riders with other physical disabilities not in mobility vehicles, seniors, expectant moms and riders with children in strollers, and then everyone else.”

Some riders have pushed the Authority to strengthen their policy to require all riders to fold their strollers, a rule on Pace suburban buses. But Parker and those who signed the petition are requesting for reserved seating to be designated for strollers, in addition to individuals in wheelchairs and senior citizens. Parker, aged 36, stated… “I think at the end of the day, it’s just acknowledgment for moms with very kids, you see, strollers are their wheelchairs.” Parker included that when she has boarded a bus with her young kids in a stroller, she has experienced hostility from bus operators, who refused to lower the bus so she might board, as well as impolite remarks said by other riders as she boarded.

Complaints about strollers on buses are a routine subject at CTA reunions that enable remarks from the general public. The Authority tried to stop a few of these aggravations in 2012 when the agency launched a stroller awareness campaign. Bus operators handed out fliers motivating riders to “Be Stroller Savvy” when the bus is crowded, by using small umbrella strollers, as well as folding the stroller with stroller organizer connected. In the six months after the offensive began, stroller grievances were down 60 percent, CTA president Forrest Claypool stated in 2014. But Parker is hoping the C.T.A will revisit its policy and inform operators to be more accommodating to riders with strollers. Parker stated… “I am hoping it’s an easy fix for them, and it doesn’t develop into world war three, but we’ll see.”

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