Post Revolutionary Tunisia: Jihad al Nikah or Illegal Prostitution

January 26, 2016 9:46 am

“Our girls are there to perform sex and 20,30 even 100 men take turns with them and they return here, bearing the fruits of these sexual contacts, this so-called Sexual Jihad ”.

Those are some of the deep words pronounced by the Tunisian Minister of Interior Lotfi Ben Jeddou, in a speech in September 2013 referring to the dramatic events happening in Tunisia seeing thousands of people trying to escape the Country to take part to the Jihad in Syria.

Ines, a Tunisian Student is one of those Women-Jihadist who started her journey to hell accompanied by her husband. Once in Syria she has been repudiated and forced to have sexual relations with 152 men in 6 months, persuaded by fighters and Sheikhs that was the way to win a place in Heaven. She was sent back to Tunisia as soon as she got pregnant and found out that she was infected with AIDS but fortunately her baby was not.

The Tunisian Lawyer Yasmine Attia underlines in a speech on the 10th October 2015 in Paris the desperate situation of women like Ines who are taking part to this legalised prostitution or Jihad al Nikah: “Incurably ill, tortured, humiliated, raped, pregnant without any means or resources are the key words that describe the Women Jihad in the name of Islam in the Post revolutionary Tunisia”.

The President of the Islamic Association of Dar al Hadith Sheikh Farid al Beji explains that the majority of those women that leave Tunisia to Syria are not alone. They are accompanied by brothers and husbands with the only intention to get married legally ad lawfully. He underlines the fact that therefore jihadist fighters do not observe religious rules and they change them according to their wills and interests, for example they do not let them pass the Idda period before remarrying them to another fighter. They persuade women That their marriage is honourful and is a consistent contribution to the jihad fight and will lead to Heaven. Sheikh Farid al Beji points out that what has come to be Jihad al Nikah is religiously illegal and forbidden as it is wrong for a woman to have intercourse with 10 men in 4 months. According to Islamic laws it is in fact fornication and forbidden.

In conclusion, the verses of the Quran below explain clearly the legalisation and the procedures to observe when treating women, that are in absolute contradiction to the jihadists’ concept of Jihad al Nikah.

Sourate 2 Al Baqara

V.228. “The divorced women shall wait three menstruation’s (before marrying another man). It is not lawful for them to conceal what GOD creates in their wombs, if they believe in GOD and the Last Day. (In case of pregnancy,) the husband’s wishes shall supersede the wife’s wishes, if he wants to remarry her. The women have rights, as well as obligations, equitably. Thus, the man’s wishes prevail (in case of pregnancy). GOD is Almighty, Most Wise”.

V.234 “Those who die and leave wives, their widows shall wait four months and ten days (before they remarry). Once they fulfill their interim, you commit no error by letting them do whatever righteous matters they wish to do. GOD is fully Cognizant of everything you do”.

Sourate At-Talaq

V. 4-5 ”As for the women who have reached menopause, if you have any doubts, their interim shall be three months. As for those who do not menstruate, and discover that they are pregnant, their interim ends upon giving birth. Anyone who reverences GOD, He makes everything easy for him. This is GOD’s command that He sends down to you. Anyone who reverences GOD, He remits his sins, and rewards him generously”.


Sara Alouani


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