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Sunniva Davies-Rommetveit is a writer specialising in financial, travel, environmental and political features. She has national newspaper experience with The Daily Telegraph and The Independent. Having been a paid freelancer with publications like Selfbuilder & Homemaker, and a ghost writer for several financial publications, she is currently a freelance copywriter at Stratton Craig. Her blog explores the possibilities of leading an environmentally-friendly lifestyle whilst reaping the resultant health benefits. It also gives practical advice about how to achieve these goals, and unpicks the political developments that affect the environment as they happen. Visit for more information. Follow her on Twitter: @Sun_D_R

Hunting until there’s nothing left?

December 16, 2013 3:30 pm0 comments
Hunting until there’s nothing left?

The word hunting evokes many differing emotions from both its supporters and animal welfare campaigners. For years, these feelings have merged to create complicated, difficult and uncompromising stances on either side of the spectrum. When asking friends what they thought about the word in a general sense, I heard phrases […]

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