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.....Is a clinician, photographer, and writer. In between treating his patients, he has written and had published copious articles on a variety of subjects, from economics to the environment, from the NHS to the importance of work-life balance. He has travelled extensively and captured the beauty of both the natural and urban world, examples of which can be seen on his website ( His photographs have been featured on the covers of a national journal and within leaflets for the National Trust.

The Glory of The UK and The 2012 Olympics

September 12, 2012 6:17 pm0 comments
The Glory of The UK and The 2012 Olympics

He who would fear thorns should not attempt to gather flowers. And yet from all the jeers that barraged the struts of the newly completed stadia, you might be forgiven for doubting our resolve to host the greatest show on Earth. There were always going to be prickly obstacles in […]

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