You’ve Got to Know Somebody to Be Somebody!

June 7, 2013 9:35 pm

Remember when Hollywood was the birth place of stars: you would travel there, get an audition and when you got the part, from then on you were a star. Everybody loved you. That seems such a long time ago now! Now, if you want to be a famous actor, singer or writer you have to know somebody who has the power to give you that privilege.

Open auditions might as well not exist anymore, think back thirty years. If you wanted to be an extra you could just turn up, now you have to audition to be a blurry spec in the background of a film. Hollywood has lost it’s charm, yet still people deny this and still believe they can get this “big break”. I admit once in a while you get a brand new star, an example is Justin Bieber. But how did he get famous? He got to know Usher.

So how do you meet these people that mould you into stars? You can’t! Why? Because they are surrounded by seven foot bodyguards 24/7, and the only time they aren’t is at those exclusive parties only for the rich and famous! Think of the world of fame as a huge bubble. Very rarely they pop that bubble to let someone who isn’t already famous inside.

This doesn’t just affect people who want to be megastars, it affects ordinary people. Why can’t you get a job? Because you don’t have any experience, and how do you get that experience? From a company that only hires people with experience. The whole world is turning into Hollywood. Not letting you open that door, always slamming it in your face.

Our dreams are so hard to achieve, and that is because people don’t let you achieve them. It doesn’t matter if it is a director that choses only to work with famous actors and actresses. Or a bank manager that only chooses to work with employees with the correct amount of experience. You’ve got to know somebody to be somebody!

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