Why your company’s number must be memorable and what to do if it isn’t

March 4, 2019 4:58 pm

In today’s fast-paced world, it can feel harder than ever to get your brand heard. You should optimise every part of your company maximum brand awareness, from good use of social media accounts to ensuring you have the most memorable name possible. An important, but often overlooked part of this strategy, is to ensure that your company has a memorable phone number, so that potential clients looking to get in touch find it easier to remember your business.

Memorable number options

To change your phone number to a more memorable one can be a simple matter of looking around. There are examples of businesses which have based their entire branding around memorable numbers. The most obvious are 118 118, whose adverts feature an energetic, mock-serious tone, and 0800001066. The power of these adverts is in the internal logic of the numbers and the ability of advertisers to use them to create jingles that become Earworms.

VoIP Options for a new memorable number

If you choose to look around for a new number it can be worthwhile considering, before you commit whether you want to buy a landline number, often an expensive investment, or would rather try a more modern approach and look at a Voice over IP number – which works over an internet connection. While it might sound like a small change, it can still lead to substantial savings. If you want to know how VoIP can transform your business, it is best to start by realising that with internet-based communication, you can integrate your in-office phones with distance workers and mobiles. Video conferencing is also free to become a far more central part of your work culture, as it will become far easier to do so once all your communications are integrated over the internet.

VoIP can work just like your regular office phones, meaning you do not lose any of your current capabilities when you upgrade. While there will be savings on the price of line rental there will not be a downgrade in safety as, since 2008, VoIP providers have been required to allow emergency calls over their services. With location services having improved in the last decade you should not need to be concerned for the safety of your business. If there is an emergency, and it is necessary to call the local emergency services over a VoIP phone, this is a matter always worth discussing with your provider while you are buying.

The two kinds of VoIP: Cloud-based and Premise-based

When you buy VoIP technology you have a choice which is becoming increasingly common: you can either buy all the necessary technology and run it from a server in the office, or allow the running of your VoIP to be done from a cloud server. Premise-based VoIP makes more sense for smaller and medium-sized businesses who want to be sure they have everything in hand in the office, as this also means any issues can be fixed quickly in the office. Cloud-based services, however, can be more cost-effective for larger businesses.

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