What To Expect When Dating A Londoner

February 20, 2018 10:08 pm

London is one of the famous cities in the world. It is also one of the best places to go on a date. Dating in London may seem like a good relationship goal for couples. But for the singles, it is also a good place to find a date.

When dating a Londoner, there are things that you should understand first. When this is your first time dating a Londoner or dating in London, there are things that you should and should not do. Here are some of the things you should expect when you are dating a Londoner.

Londoners Also Date Interracially

Most Londoners are not racists. In fact, it is okay to date interracially in London. This is a good thing since this means that whether you are Latin, Asian, Black and so on, you can date a Londoner. An Asian dating UK citizens are not forbidden or look down upon. You can freely date a Londoner in London regardless your race.

Londoners Do Not Talk Much… At First

When you met a Londoner the first time, expect him or her not to talk much. He or she may want to go on a date with you but that just it. They are more on getting things done fast. Once they get your number and the date of your date, they will likely take their leave. Don’t worry. It is not like they do not like you. They just like to save the “getting to know you more” part of the actual date.

Londoners Do Ghosting

Londoners, like any other people, do ghosting too. Ghosting is an action wherein a person cuts off his communication with someone when he is no longer interested. If your Londoner date suddenly stops texting you after the first date, then you should get the hint that he or she doesn’t like you. It is not like they are afraid to face you. It is more likely that they are too polite to say straight to your face that they do not want to date you anymore.

Londoners Are Busy People

Londoners are hard workers. They have the most working time compared to other UK citizens. They all have busy schedules. It is not a surprise that some Londoners do not have time to date. If you do plan to date one, make sure to plan ahead, at least a week before the date. You should also take into consideration on how long are you going to spend your date. Do not expect them to agree to a late night drink at the bar. And when you plan to take a stroll around the city, please walk fast.

Londoners Do Not Like PDA

If you think kissing and hugging in public is okay, you may not want to do it in London. Londoners will not initiate any form of public display of affection even if you two are dating. This is because they think PDA is inappropriate. And if you had done PDA, onlookers will not be pleased. They may not say a word or stare weirdly at you but that is because they are too polite to express their disgust. Save your sweet affection to somewhere private.

Londoners Are Not Traditional Daters

Despite the fact that they do not do PDA, Londoners are not traditional daters. This may be the case a couple of decades ago wherein they are likely to want to marry after two months of dating.  However, this is the 21st century now. Most Londoners no longer go on dates in real life. Most people in London do online dating because it is more convenient and less time-consuming.

Londoners Hate It When You Complain About London Expenses

Let us face the reality, living in London is really expensive if compared to living in the other cities of England. This also means that your date night can also cost you some money. However, never ever complain about these expenses to your London date. Londoners are patrons. They love London despite it being expensive. So if you want to keep dating Londoners, stop complaining.

Londoners Love Tea And You Will Too

Some say that tea is a Londoner’s first love. You will be surprised at how many cups of tea they drink every day. They are less likely to turn down your offer for a cup of tea. And they will love to talk to you over a cup of tea. Tea brings good moods to a Londoner so start drinking tea and enjoy it.

Londoners may have some not so normal behaviors but they are sure fun to date. Dating a Londoner can earn you a lot of praises from your peers. A British boyfriend or girlfriend and their British accent can really make you fall in love with him or her. Not only that, the city itself can make you fall in love by just being there.

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