Tracking Your Energy Smartly For Better Purchasing Decisions

May 20, 2013 2:25 pm

What if your business could make more informed energy purchasing decisions? Energy specialists, ENER-G Procurement, have pioneered an innovative market tracking device, which can monitor the energy price landscape for organisations. This way, your company can formulate effective energy purchasing strategies. ener g procurement

Becoming a trend follower can save your business a vast amount of money, so when prices are low, you can strike while the iron’s hot! It doesn’t have to be challenging either. All this information can be collated into an easy to understand report that you can read at your leisure.


Market Tracking: Costs

You may be surprised to hear that this service is free, so don’t miss out on this crucial tool for following energy market trends. The simple tracker can compare the amount of money you currently spend on your energy and then make suggestions for timing your next contract renewal tactically, based on the information provided by wholesale market prices.

If the data sparks your interest, this tracking tool can give you the key reasons why energy costs are rising or falling, so you can stay on top of current affairs at your convenience.


Looking At The Data

Specifically tailored to be user-friendly, you don’t have to worry about reading through a huge, boring document. The report only fills one page and summarises the key driving forces of market prices. Businesses can then use this information to enter into optimum negotiations with energy contractors.

To keep in the know, you have to be constantly aware of fluctuations in energy prices – they are always changing. Tracking the market is one of the most effective ways of competitively reducing your overhead costs.


The Future Savings through Market Tracking energy costs

Some businesses are unaware that they can sign on for their next energy contract years before their current deal is over. The sooner you can do this, the better, as prices are only going to rise with time. Leaving your contract change to the last minute puts your company at an immediate disadvantage.

Overhead costs are exceptionally costly, and no amount of energy-saving measures around the office can completely cover the losses of a heavily priced contract. Get your energy supplier while costs are low!


Utility Brokers

Utility brokers can help continue the good work of the market tracker by expertly managing your energy services. So you don’t have to, they will conduct all work with the suppliers, make sure that you get the best price, carry out all admin, and audit the invoices that come through your door – so you don’t have to. This will ensure accuracy of billing, as business gas prices are often estimated. The last thing you want to do is to pay for someone else’s mistakes!


It may be prudent to ask your utility broker to audit your previous energy bills, so you can recuperate any past losses too. You could be surprised at how much money you’ve lost over the years! Professional guidance is exceptionally valuable.

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