Tips to Paint Your Workspace and Make it Energizing

November 24, 2017 4:08 pm

Is your workspace boring? Don’t worry, if you work at home, and you want an inspiring workspace, we have some pointers for you. Follow these easy guidelines to spice up your workspace:


What fired up your artistic side? You need to develop your ideas and draw them for inspiration. If you are skilled, you have to devote a wall to show your passion. It doesn’t matter what the theme is, be it an artist’s grotto, photography, prints, or design elements.

If nothing, you can at least spare one wall for your favorite quotes. Don’t just print and pin them to the while. Instead, write them on it. The sky is your limit; you can do anything you want like taking pages from the old book, place some corks, have a small display of thimbles or embroidery, do as you please.

Form and Function

Apart from being creative, you have to make your masterpiece functional. If nothing else, you can use the space to store your supplies. Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy fine wood, you can even use an offbeat item to stash your stuff. Let the following help you out!

  • Big bottle snifter filled with thread will add color to your table
  • Double-duty items can be a problem in tight space. So, use ribbons in curtains with prop up bulletin boards as your desk and note holder. You can use ladders for draping while knitting
  • You should have an issue with using vintage cubbies to keep your tools in one place
  • Vintage glassware can be used as whimsical vessels for your flash drive, business cards, pens, etc.

Pick Your Color

Pick the color that attracts you the most. Choose something that sparks your creativity, and makes you productive. You may now understand that white walls serve as a canvas for uncluttered thinking, and conversely, it helps you to continue your work.

If you plan to hire a pro, they can help with the color picking process starting with bright colors like green, red, yellow and so one. Don’t worry, Paysons Painting has an ever-ending inventory of colors. But you can always change to subtle colors like soothing blue or earth tones. If nothing else is working for you, you can just use chalkboard paint.

Keep it neat

This is the most challenging element; you have to banish elements instead of adding them. You have to discipline yourself, and leave the room only for your work (business, creative, whatever).  Don’t use it to store your extra boxes, or tax files, keep the integrity intact. Don’t rob yourself; you have decorated this place for your business, so use it only for that.


When your workspace is no longer contained, you need to focus on the design elements. You can rearrange the furniture from room to room like:

  • Put a bookcase on top of your head in your workroom
  • Place your desk in front of the door
  • Get a console table right beside you; it can act both as a design element, and an additional writing desk
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