Step Away From The Screen And Talk To Real People

August 12, 2019 10:08 pm

We all know that online marketing is powerful. Isn’t that what you keep being told by digital experts? While this type of marketing is great, some of the classic methods can still generate fantastic results for your business.

The trouble with many businesses these days is that they’re conducted behind a screen, with nobody to put a name or personality to. If you want to go out there and make a real connection with your customers, it’s time to step away from the screen and venture into the outside world.

Take a look for these amazing offline marketing ideas that can bring some of the human connection back to your business.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Take to the streets 

A bit of face to face promotion can be a fun and insightful way of connecting with your customers. Whether you build a promotion stand in a shopping centre or a busy high street, you can generate some buzz around your business with some special offer flyers or a customer survey. Make it fun and keep your message clear, by showing people on the streets that you’ve got a personality behind your business, you could win over a whole new set of customers – especially in your local area. 

Get involved in trade shows and events

Trade shows and events such as festivals, air shows, etc. are ideal for businesses to connect with customers and clients face to face. You’ve got the opportunity to showcase the best of your business and have some meaningful conversation which could convert into sales. To be successful at a trade show, Focal Exhibitions offer impressive stand design services that will help you make a splash. Getting out of the office can help give your teams a much-needed change of scenery as well as explore what’s hot and what’s not where it comes to marketing and promotion. 

Invite your customers in

Going behind the scenes of a business can be an incredible way to build more meaningful relationships with customers. You can host workshops and seminars or offer tours of your facilities and give people a glimpse of what your business is really like. This can be a fantastic idea if you want to find better ways of engaging with your community, so consider letting people in to get a closer glimpse of what you do. 

Try a pop-up 

Pop-up shops are a very popular way to market a business. Not only do they give you the chance to do some offline selling, but they can help your business benefit from street traffic and impulse buying that isn’t always experienced with online stores. Run a series of appearances to build an appetite and boost your sales.

With so many empty shops on our high streets today, renting one, even if for a short period, could help give something back to your community. 

Making changes to your marketing methods can breathe new life into your business and help. So why not get out there and enjoy some face time with your customers and see if it could boost your sales? 

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