Snow – Not So Bad Afterall

January 26, 2013 12:00 pm

Snow UK

Snow is a falling, snow on snow…it’s picturesque, isn’t it? The traditional English ideal of pure white snow tumbling down from the sky, laying softly on trees and rooftops, even balancing on the thinnest branches, waiting for the merest hint of winter wind to sweep it off. Snow makes even the dullest grey streets and thinning grass look like they’re covered in glitter, straight out of a Hollywood film set. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. We in Portsmouth passed around the elusive news that snow was coming like a Chinese whisper, but we had seen no using of any coming our way. Picture after picture on Facebook of uniform white landscapes, instagrammed photos showing enhanced versions of smiling couples in knee-deep snow.

But suddenly, this morning, it was our turn. The streets were lined with cloud white snow, fluffy and untouched until the children ran out to play. It blanked out the usual dull naked trees, sheds and fences, replacing them with a scene worthy of a fairy tale. But as soon as I had excitedly messaged friends and family, the news came flooding in; trains cancelled, delayed, cars being abandoned and taxi drivers unable to reach destinations. The dream had quickly turned sour as commuters were trapped, Premier Inns were packed and faces turned dark; there was no way home for many people. But looking around, children were playing, the snowman army had arrived and rosy cheeked babies were laughing at the spectacularly unfamiliar sight. Stepping into the crisp snow, my new boots sunk in immediately, reminding me that this perfect landscape was as fragile and transient as the life of a butterfly.

Snowball fight

The creak of fresh snow being pressed down brought back memories of snow days as a child; running out to make snow angels, breathlessly hiding from impending snowballs being fired like cannon balls from hidden soldiers. The excitement of seeing how fresh and different the world looked, and the eventual exhausted return to the lounge to defrost fingers and toes and have a hot drink. Parking lot snow removal in Naperville provides efficient snow removal and plowing services, thus giving you a chance simply to enjoy a frosty, snowy day. Snow may cause many problems, but it evokes so many memories. It reminds me of how beautiful our world really is. The UK may come to a standstill as soon as the first snowflake  hits base, but honestly? It’s only for a few days, and who doesn’t love seeing the spindly trees covered in snow, the vast rolling hills carpeted. It’s a beautiful sight, and gives a great reason to stay in with a cuppa and finish that Christmas chocolate. Fantastic.

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