School Teenagers Facing Anxiety

January 26, 2016 5:00 pm

Anxious GirlNowadays, teenagers have began to look beyond school to life ahead of them, which in my opinion has caused them to grow up to fast and become anxious about what the future may hold for them. I believe that this is a tragedy because teenage years are ridiculously hard as it is and the fact that influences around them have tainted their outlook on certain things makes me feel extremely concerned and worried about the youth of today.

It is common knowledge that teenagers view their future, but the fact that they have evolved and have now began to become paranoid of their future, is in my opinion, becoming very concerning. I recently read an article on BBC News about this subject and the reporter wrote: ‘Many UK children have become less confident about succeeding in life by the time they leave school.’

I find this heart-breaking – teenagers should embrace life and just do what they believe is best for their future without the stresses that are obviously influencing their learning development. I hope that it will get the government’s attention and that they will help schools and colleges to explore the issues that these teenagers are facing.

I read on the same website that this will hopefully; ‘explore how self-belief, perseverance and resilience can be instilled in pupils.’ In my opinion, I really hope that this can happen as I personally believe that when you are in school you need to yes, be focusing on your studies and have a future in your mind, however not so much that it will drain self-belief and make you believe that you have no future. I believe that if this does indeed happen, then hopefully teens will be able to prioritize things for themselves and effectively have an academic experience without the extra strain and concern for their later adult years.

The Government has apparently said that they have ‘allocated funds to promote character education’

There has been a survey that suggested that there is a steady decline in children’s self-belief between 14 and 18.

”Final-year students are half as likely to feel happy (33%) as 14-year-olds (60%), it says.

These 18-year-olds are also more likely to think there is too much focus on exams rather than preparing for life in general.

The report also finds gender discrepancies, with 39% of girls reporting feeling happy compared with 50% of boys.”

– Mind Over Matter report is based on interviews with experts, a survey of 1,000 teenagers and a round-up of previous academic research.


There is more on Mind Over Matter from the BBC News article
You can follow the link here:
Also I have found that if you are a parent of a child that is showing signs of anxiety then this is also another link that may be beneficial for you :
I just hope that teenagers will have a better time accepting their lives and not worrying too much about their future. It is sad to hear that so many have been plagued by this anxiety and destructive viewpoint, and I hope that the Government really will do something for the youth of today.
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