Mobile CRM: How It Is Important And What To Look For

March 27, 2017 3:54 pm

One of the big differences between average and “barely making it” businesses and successful or thriving businesses, is the fact that the latter category pays infinitely more attention to its customers. Throughout the history and evolution of business and business management, all successful enterprises and entrepreneurs have acknowledged the importance in having a stable, solid and healthy relationship with your business consumers i.e. customers. CRM has been introduced here as a potent solution that to this day provides mind boggling increases in productivity, efficiency and overall profit. But as we step in the era of mobile devices which have unlimited access to internet thanks to the impressive deals on, it is also very important to recognize the role these pocket-size devices play and how impactful their presence or lack of can be to for business.

So why is it important to implement smartphones and other mobile solutions to your CRM plan? The answer is simple. Smartphones represent extremely portable alternatives to traditional means of computing that can easily fit in your pocket. This kind of portability which comes with no drawback is invaluable for the marketing reps that often times find themselves on the road or on the field trying to manage multiple customers at the same time. With the help of mobile CRM, you can easily access all the information you need and will never have to apologize to customers about having to get back to them. Because often times, you will be met with inquiries regarding your services from customers that want to document themselves before or throughout a purchase.

Let’s take a look at some of the best CRM features that need to be present in a competent mobile CRM deployment.

Fully operational

When using mobile CRM, you should make sure that the CRM solution you have implemented is fully operational and that it can be used in any situation to provide valuable assistance to both your employees and the customers they are managing. Not having CRM that that is independent and can function anywhere completely beats the purpose of having mobile CRM in the first place. There can be a fine line between a useful CRM solution and just a fancy tool you can use for the sake of it but without having any impact on the evolution of your company’s profits and customer relations.

The social element

Social media and social exposure have great parts to play in today’s concept of marketing. Allowing your employees to quickly and seamlessly tap into a knowledge bank about the social life aspects of your customers can give them the edge they need for closing a deal or making important progress towards doing so. It can also be an important edge over competition through the fact that social knowledge can lead to a closer relationship with the client.

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