Manchester University offers treks in China, climbing up Kili and hitchiking round the world

September 20, 2013 6:07 pm

rag4RAG, or Raise and Give, is the fundraising part of the Students’ Union of a university. It is a really well recognised organisation and universities all over the UK have a RAG, and being part of what they do can really enhance what you have to say in an interview situation once you enter the Big Bad World. Generally, the committee aim to raise money for local charities, and Manchester RAG are no different. Last year they gave out 15 grants of £500 each to charities based in the North West, as well as tens of thousands of pounds to national and international charities through putting on events like Take Me Out evenings, tea parties, Jailbreak (where you have 30 hours to get as far away from Manchester as you can for free), LOST (where you have to get back from a secret location for free in 12 hours), Bogle (a 55 mile walk around Manchester), shark dives, skydives, cycling London to Paris, as well as RAG Raids (or bucket-shaking charity collections) all over the UK. Last year’s fundraising total was around £269,000.


Some of the bigger events they put on happen throughout the summer. Leading a team up Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking across the Great Wall of China and building a playground in East Africa are just some of the things in which people can be involved. Great opportunities, great experiences, great causes.


If you are based in Manchester and have ever considered doing Jailbreak, leading a team up Kili or trekking the Great Wall of China, then come along to our information evenings and find out how these truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences can be part of your university life.

Wednesday 25th September, 5pm, Room 2 of the Students’ Union: Jailbreak info meeting,


Tuesday 1st October, 5pm, Room 8 of the SU: Trek the Great Wall of China info meeting,


Tuesday 8th October, 5pm, Room 2 of the SU (not the 26 Sept as it says on the photo): Climb Kilimanjaro info meeting.


Or find out more on our Facebook page:, our Twitter: @manchesterrag or our website:


University of Manchester Students’ Union
Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR 


0161 275 2987


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