Love is in the Air: Tips for Online Dating

August 21, 2012 6:00 pm

Singletons across the globe are optimistically signing onto online dating every day.  While many people find loved ones, the relatively new phenomenon of online dating can be incredibly complicated at times; this article should help to simplify it.

When a relationship starts in reality, there are ways to show a partner that they are appreciated. For example, you can meet them after work; you can contact them in the course of their lunch break simply to let them know you were thinking about them and you can even surprise them at their house with their favourite dish. These small gestures of kindness can result in long-term strengthening of a relationship.

Many online relationships are long distance, with partners often living in different cities, or even countries.   In these kinds of relationships, many people come across hardships.  For example, arranging to see each other, being spontaneous and competing with other singletons they meet everyday in society. The latter is the main challenge that most people face when online dating.

In order to considerably improve your chances of good results at online dating, follow these simple tips:

A web-based greeting card is a great way to let a loved one know they are being thought about.  There are lots of free greeting card options on the internet. Most companies allow the user to add a personal message, so make an effort to write something special and unique inside your card.  Online greeting cards are a good gesture of kindness, however, be careful not to overuse them.  This may cause a partner to expect them everyday or, alternatively, think of the sender as too intense or desperate.

Regular communication is key to any relationship.  With email, Skype and internet dating messages, this is now a possibility.  When you receive an email you should not respond to it straight away and try to steer clear of sending emails everyday. Ideally, you should wait to respond to an email for between 36 to 48 hours.  This waiting time will provide you with some time to consider exactly what you would like to say in your response and will establish a sense of respect between the two partners. Waiting shows a sense of taking things slowly, while also not appearing desperate.

It is important to establish a sense of mutual respect when online dating.  If a relationship is formed between a couple, it is advisable to agree a particular time or day when you can communicate with each other and develop the partnership further. Many people manage to find long term partners online, but that does not make it an easy task, so persevere, take your time and stay optimistic.


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