Is Your Idea Of Gaming Outdated?

August 20, 2019 11:33 am

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What do you think of when you think of video games? Well, you might consider your son who spends most weekends yelling into his headset microphone as they ‘take the control point’ or whatever other jargon you do not understand. You might remember those news reports of people becoming lethally addicted to World of Warcraft, seemingly sacrificing everything to get a better ‘mount’ or to level up while ignoring their duties at work.

But while your son is a current example, many other impressions regarding gaming are out of date. In fact, this was emphasized by Trump’s recent declaration that US mass shootings were thanks to video games, obviously a deflection from other issues that should be higher up on the list, such as the mental health epidemic. 

And so what does a current view of video gaming look like, and how might you implement it into your life for value? You may be fondly familiar with bet365 offers or the puzzles you play on your mobile phone, but is there more value here for someone who lives a balanced and healthy lifestyle? We would say that yes, there absolutely is. 

The Lifestyle Game

There are many different games out there that do not require vast amounts of invested hours each week. Instead, the pick up and play game genre has become a staple among many others. For example, titles such as ‘My Time In Portia’ opens with you caring for a local village, building small contractual jobs and gathering the resources you need. You might complete one of these in half an hour, and then achieve one the next day. Handheld and portable consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, can help you play video games when on your train commute, or when relaxing waiting for your evening meal to cook. Lifestyle games are all the rage now, because they allow micro play sessions sustained over time, giving you the enjoyment you desire even in a busy lifestyle.

It’s Not All Shooting

Not all games require killing or attacking people, nor shouting orders at others online. There are many cooperative games out there, incredible puzzle games, or games of slow exploration such as The Outer Wilds or Subnautica. These fresh experiences can help you enjoy a world, slowly, as you piece together the puzzles and listen to a fresh soundtrack. There are constructive games with constructive stories to tell, without even a hint of blood. If that’s been putting you off, you needn’t look as hard as you might have had to in the past to find titles like this.

 Video Games Can Be Simulations

There are many incredible simulations out there. From Euro Truck Simulator that replicates the comforting experience of long half trucking, Flight simulators and even cooking simulators, if there’s an experience out there you enjoy, you can enjoy it through the lens of a game. House Flipper, for example, is known for giving many a chance to exercise their best home renovation efforts in a digital setting.

With these tips, you are certain to take a modern approach to gaming, and potentially reinvest yourself within its culture.

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