Gay Mountain Wins Gold

February 17, 2014 7:00 pm

It’s a Monday evening and I have just had my double dose of Corrie (guilty pleasure), switching the channel over to watch Benefit Street (don’t judge me, this is only on a Monday, I swear), and one of the best adverts I have ever seen pops up on the box: Channel 4’s ‘Gay Mountain’.


This tongue-in-cheek promo features a ‘bear’ cabaret act singing a song titled ‘Gay Mountain’ in honor of all the athletes competing out in Sochi.

There was a stunned silence in the room when the advert ended for the first time in my household – mainly because we were proud that C4 has decided to speak out in the best way that they could.

The ad opens with a stern Soviet man in full chorus, dressed in serious Russian drab.

Then, stripping himself down, revealing nothing but a pair of skimpy shorts, (this was when I put my mini eggs down and gave it my full attention) he then throws himself into the jovial song, with lines such as ‘Be fabulous, be free; we honour our Queens; and follow the rainbow which leads to the east’.

Russia’s anti-gay controversies have been outraging many corners of the world over recent weeks, particularly after last week when Channel 4 aired ‘hunted’, a ruthlessly enraging documentary showing youth gangs proudly capturing and attacking young LGBT people.


Some people have criticized the advert, claiming that Channel 4 has had to rely on the ‘gay stereotype’ in order to get its point across, however most people seem impressed with this satirical approach. The advert points a disapproving finger towards strict Russian laws.

Personally, I can’t wait for the ringtone to come out!

Catch the advert using the link below:

Gay Mountain Channel 4 Advert

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