Film Review: Man Of Steel

June 15, 2013 7:17 pm

This film had to be good, actually it had to be amazing. The cast, the director, the writers all masters at what they do. But did it live up to expectations? Honestly I don’t think it did and here is why.

The film was fantastic don’t get me wrong! I loved how the first twenty minutes introduced us to Krypton, no other Superman film did this. And I have no idea why! This scene showed us humans how Superman became Superman. It showed us what the planet looked like, how the people lived their lives with what we think are extra ordinary powers. It really was a feast for the eyes.

Russell Crowe play’s Jor-El the real father of Clark Kent or Kal-El which was his original name, Crowe does a brilliant job. He is outstanding in this film. He really understood the character he was playing, and the conflict between him and Michael Shannon’s character General Zod is fantastic. They both show how brilliant actors they are in this film. Henry Cavill play’s Superman in this adaptation and he really does fit the part, if you have ever read the comics this is what you would imagine Superman would look like. I would love to judge him on his acting ability but this film doesn’t really give him a chance to really act. It’s just action all of the time. I really would have liked the film to slow down for a minute and just let Cavill act. There were a few scenes were he was able to show his ability but then he had to randomly fly off to save Lois. Speaking of Lois Amy Adam’s plays her and I really liked her as Lois Lane. In all honestly I think she is currently the best Lois. Why? Because Lois Lane is the kind of character that tends to wonder around and be very mischievous. Margaret Kidder and Noel Neill didn’t portray this as well as Amy Adams did.

The action sequences were as good as they get! They just got better and better throughout the film. Zack Snyder really embraced the science fiction concept of the film. UFO’s fighting fighter jets, aliens fighting aliens. It was more of a science fiction than superhero film. I would compare it more to Star Trek than The Dark Knight. But either way you can’t fault this film action wise.

Now here is the problem with this film, there is to much going on! You just wonder if David Goyer read all the comics and thought “let’s put it all in the film”. First you have Superman coming to earth, then you have him fighting to save the world against General Zod. Then you have the relationship between him and Lois, which seems to be just thrown in to the film! Like it had to be there, it really does seem like they have forced the characters together. For ten minutes of this film it shows Lois looking for Clark and what happens when she finds him? Nothing! The film is two and a half hours and for some parts you think it should be shorter and other it should be longer!

But overall this was a brilliant film, it didn’t quite live up to it’s expectations but the bar was set so high. That it was almost impossible for it to reach it! If you didn’t expect much from this film you will be pleasantly surprised, but if you are expecting it to be the best Superhero film in the world you will be disappointed. Even though it is a very good film.

I would give this film 8/10 stars, and I would definitely go see it if you are at all into Superhero and action films.

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