Fans brawl in crowd during wrestling main event

May 30, 2013 4:00 pm

A brawl broke out between fans last night during a live televised wrestling match.

During WWE’s live televised “Raw” super show, a fight broke out in the crowd whilst WWE superstars John Cena and Curtis Axel were wrestling in the main event of the show. Benson Simbirski, who was in attendance at the show, wrote into a wrestling news website and said that he saw three men and one woman begin to brawl with security.

john cena

John Cena

He claims that the group seemed like they were drunk and claims to have seen them consistently going back and forth for alcoholic drinks. He said that the men and woman were verbally abusing people around them and also insulting little kids for wearing John Cena merchandise. Apparently, security confronted the group and Benson claims to have witnessed one of them punch a security guard in the face. More guards and even police were on the scene shortly after and the group were restrained and taken out of the crowd.

His statement to said: “Basically, there were 3 Guido dudes and one big girl, it seemed like they were drinking quite a bit throughout the night because I kept seeing them go to get beers”.

“Whenever they would get up, they would yell at people as they were leaving. [It] didn’t matter who. [I] saw them making fun of a little kid wearing a John Cena shirt at one point”.

“During the main event, security went up to talk to them and [the] next thing I saw was one of them punch the security guard in the face. Within seconds there was about 15 security guards and a few cops there”.

“The [group] kept trying to fight the security guards and got taken down pretty quick and dragged out”.

“One of the [group] had a broken arm and got choked out after he took a swing at security. Two of the guys got thrown into some seats. After they got removed I saw security talk to a mother and two little kids. One of the kids was crying so I think it involved them some how”.

Another fan who was present when the altercation happened, Kultar Kooldip Mann, said: “All I ended up seeing was a tidal wave of security rush over to the area, then I saw them get about 4 people out of there”.

“There was one little guy [in the group] who absolutely decked a security guard in the face. It was nuts”.

No statement has been released yet by WWE or by arena management.

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