Essential 2019 Trends All Gamers Need To Be Aware Of!

May 23, 2019 8:21 pm

When you spend he the majority of your life with a controller glued into our hand and your eye firmly set on a screen, it can be hard to tear yourself away and find out what the coming trends for the gaming industry are. Luckily, you don’t have to prise yourself away from your favourite game for too long as we have the key 2019 trends wrapped up below.

Mobile gaming is massive

If you aren’t gaming on your smartphone already, you really need to ask yourself why? After all, it mobile which mean you can happily game away hours on the commute to and from work, or at boring family parties where your attendance is required.

Also, there are some seriously big fandoms represented on mobile now too. We are talking Final Fantasy, GOT, Pokemon, and even Grand Theft Auto. Additionally, there are lots of smaller and spin-off game that not only enable you to get your fix when out and about but can be played with friends as well, making mobile gaming on a trend that will continue to grow at a fast pace through 2019.

Consoles are still going strong

Of course, you may be forgiven for thinking that if mobile gaming is such a big thing that consoles are taking a hit. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, because consoles especially PS4, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch are as popular as ever. Although to be fair, the Switch does bridge the gap between console and mobile gaming systems.

In fact, within gaming circles, you will already be seeing the buzz about the next iterations, such as the ps5 being discussed. Although, you will have to wait until 2022 for release!

The good thing here though is that as the world gears up for the ps5, it means there are some crazy-good ps4 pro deals ripe for the picking. Something that will enable you to the fastest and most slimline system now without breaking the bank while you wait.  

VR is coming

OK, so in all honesty, VR is here, but it really not quite everything we expected just yet. Not to stay that it isn’t pretty amazing and immersive, but there has been a lack of full-size open world playable games to date.

Happily, 2019 is the year that will change this with Skyrim already being released on this format. Of course, the big news here is that in summer 2019 the cult classic No Man’s Sky is set for a full VR update, which means you can explore a massive, procedurally generated universe, mine minerals, run missions and do your best to survive as if you were really there. What that means is if you haven’t got a VR headset already, now is the time to jump on board the trend.

Story centred games are even more of a thing

Finlay when it comes to gaming trends, the focus of a game being primarily on the story is also a major one to consider. In fact, while gameplay will always be valuable, the narrative that drives the game is also something which developers are working hard to polish. Something that is bound to continue to be a trend into 2019 and beyond.

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