Different uses of fabric – Glow in Dark

August 22, 2016 11:19 am

There are basically 5 main fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen, worsted and silk. They are mixed and blended to make a completely new revolution and innovations in the textile industry. The latest and updated revolutions in fabric industry are the glowing fabric. They can easily glow for about 5 to 8 hours according to the fabric.

Mainly all you require to do is just to have this fabric exposed well to light. The entire duration of the exposure also depends on nature of lighting. You require just few minutes for the UV lighting and approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the sunlight and indoor lighting. They will absorb the light that comes from specific light sources and then they emit back the stored light until they get out of charge.

The glowing fabrics are basically made from the glow in dark thread or yarn. They are generally made by the professionals by even using the material that is known as photo luminescent.

  • These are completely harmless since they are known to be non toxic and they don’t even have any kind of dangerous substances. The yarn may even be used exclusively to embroider as well as to sew the designs of glow in dark. Designers have to use a yarn swift, while working with the yarn to keep it wound up. They may also be woven in the fabric and could also be used for different purposes.
  • The process of chemical that fabric undergoes ensures that glowing pigment stays in fabric even subsequent to washing. They may even get ironed, but it is always better to always avoid the direct ironing. This glowing clothing is really comfortable to wear. Hence, you can also get this fabric in different materials such as silk, wool, and fleece and also in cotton.
  • You can also use the paint known as glow in dark to make the ordinary cloth to glow, but at the same time they also look great just for making the designs and also not for fabric.
  • The key use of glowing fabric is that they help to protect your life. You might be thinking that how can a fabric help you protect from dangers. This is true as it enhances your visibility for late night party goers or bike riders and also for joggers of early morning jogger? So your safety will be ensured that if you will wear the glowing jogging suit. It is also very much useful for the campers if they make tent by using glow fabric.
  • These Glowing fabrics can also be use in home decoration. If you are thinking about home improvement with a limited budget, you may even use the fabrics which perfectly glow in the dark and helps to transform the room in a magical way. The glowing curtains as well as glowing furniture covers will definitely brighten up your house. They may even be used for the bed sheets and for blankets.
  • The glow in dark material can also be used exclusively for kid’s clothing. The Jump suits as well as t- shirts for glowing material are certainly loved by kids and they love to wear during night parties.
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