Proving the Existence of Demonic Possession

May 6, 2013 6:03 pm

The truth behind demonic possessions:

I am going to try and write from a non religious point of view as this subject is one that has been tainted by religious fanaticism. I studied demonic possession in some detail as part of my Masters degree, and it is certainly a very controversial subject. I have actually written an article on it during the 16th to 18th centuries but this article hopes to provide a shorter and more proof-centered approach whereby I shall try and create just a small amount of doubt in those of you who staunchly reject possession.

There is an incredibly large amount of evidence that what we call ‘demonic possession’ is in fact a real, albeit inexplicable, thing. I am not going to provide evidence that there are actually demons in this world and that they are the antithesis of God because that would be an impossible task. I would also like to point out that I am aware of the many counter arguments for possession which range from mental health to the possibility that it comes from some unexplained part of the brain that can do things we have no idea about.

My first statement is that 99.99%, and possibly more, cases of demonic possession are FAKE. This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily a scam, although many are, but rather that some of them are a result of social conditioning, teenage emotions, puberty, an overly religious (often religious teachings that are false) upbringing and even sexual confusion within certain areas of life.

However, there are cases which are extremely well documented, and many of them going back for hundreds of years, where people who are ‘possessed’ are considered to do things which are physically impossible. If someone can do the impossible, you have to start looking outside the box.

I will now list the symptoms which suggest a real ‘demonic possession’. Bare in mind that some of these are common and don’t necessarily mean the person is possessed. But some of them aren’t and those are the interesting ones.

  • Coughing up large nails, longer than fingers.
  • Being able to speak many languages fluently, including Ancient Greek and Latin having had no prior knowledge.
  • A hatred of anything holy. For example, holy water or crosses.
  • Self harm.
  • A refusal to eat.
  • Superhuman strength.
  • Contortion of the body.
  • Seemingly supernatural abilities.
  • Predicting the future.
  • A refusal to tell you their name.
  • A changing of the voice.
  • An ability to know the UNKNOWABLE.

There are many cases of some of those symptoms, but the most telling symptom of demonic possession is the last: The ability to know the unknowable. I will give you an example of what I mean. There are several documented, even filmed, cases where an outsider has taken an object, hidden it in a container and commanded the ‘demon’ to tell him what it is. The ‘demon’ tells them what it is. This is impossible and arguably a sign of actual demonic possession.

I’d like to give a few examples to illustrate some of the other symptoms:

A boy in Norway, 14 years old, was no longer at school and was a blacksmith’s apprentice. He ultimately was uneducated. The boy became ‘possessed’ and is recorded speaking fluently, in a voice entirely different to his own with layered pitches (i.e. several different voices at different pitches speaking at once – also impossible) in no less than 12 different languages, including Ancient Greek, Latin, German, Italian and Swahili. Everyone who knew him said this was impossible. Yes he might have heard the odd word in some of these languages, but bare in mind, even professors of Ancient Greek and Latin do not and cannot speak it fluently.

A 7 year old girl who, during her exorcism, managed to throw 4 grown men of her knocking two of them out. All of this whilst having two broken arms, which she herself had done.

A young adult male, whose shoulder spontaneously dislocated by itself.

A ten year old girl who, in 1910 (before ultra sound), predicted a woman to have triplets with no legs. She then cut one of her own legs off and laughed through the entire process.

All of these examples are documented by both doctors and priests. I cannot offer proof that they were not elaborate hoaxes or some other strange phenomenon but at face value, the evidence does seem overwhelming that something otherworldly should at least be considered.

Accepting that demonic possession could be real. What would be the objective of the demon?

The main objective of the demon is to survive. In order to survive, it needs to be in a body. It can supposedly move between bodies, but ultimately it needs to survive. A demon can have other objectives as well. Often it wishes to remain anonymous. It also often wishes to kill the person it has possessed (and in many cases succeeds).

If indeed a Demon is a creature of Satan, then it must be accepted that its overall objective is to do as much damage as possible, through whatever means, and for as long as it can.

Demonic Possession: Real?

I am not going to tell you demonic possession is real. Before my Masters I believed it wasn’t. With a little research, you can find out a lot of very disturbing things and facts about people who have claimed to be possessed. I personally believe in it and my reason is that sometimes, when you have exhausted every other possible solution (and I did), often the most simple answer can be the real answer, and the most simple answer in a lot of these cases is that the person is actually possessed.

I would like to add, in the cases given above and in all cases when treating modern demonic possession, there is a doctor/psychiatrist present, and they exhaust all possibilities before an exorcism is allowed to go ahead. These cases are documented by the doctors, not by the priests. If you don’t want to believe in demonic possession, no one can make you. But these things are as close to proof as we will ever get.

  • JB3773

    I don’t personally believe in demonic possession although some of the films on it freak me out a lot!! Nice article though, convincing points. I’m gonna do a lil research. Cheers.

  • Agreed, and in the majority of cases there can be no doubt that this is the case. However, it is the documented cases where things which aren’t explicable through medical means that interest me. Like my example of the people who are documented as being able to know things that it would be impossible for an ordinary person to know.

    I’m still not sure whether I believe in demonic possession myself, but the more I look into it, the more striking some of the information seems to be.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • Pete

    Trevor, surely the point is that some of these “possessed” people are 12 year old children with little education etc. You can hardly compare them to magicians on stage? Even if they are only ill, then remember that as well, they would be ILL, and probably bed-ridden, to guess an object that they have never seen before is pretty difficult. It isn’t the same as say what Derren Brown does, when he can manipulate you into thinking about something and then make you guess. The patient does not have the power of manipulation here, they are not running the show. The priest comes in with a personal item hidden from view, commands the patient to tell them what it is, and they somehow know. I would say that is pretty inexplicable.

  • Indeed. A person who is supposedly possessed by a demon, and Pete is right to say that more often than not they are young (teenagers), is a very different kettle of fish compared to a stage magician.

    In the case of the kid who spoke Swahili, I can’t quite remember the dates, (I have the notes on it somewhere, I’ll get you a reference) but it was certainly recorded. That’s how they new it was Swahili because they recorded (as is law now in a case of demonic possession or exorcism) it and could therefore playback the various languages that were spoken.

    I would not go so far as to say that your theories on explaining possession are wrong. I could not do that as I don’t know the answers (and I think very few people do for certain) myself. However, what I can tell you is that some of the examples given, especially in modern day recordings, do not seem to be trickery or mental illness. The patients normally end up dead in these situations so magic tricks are probably far from their thoughts.

    Furthermore, when a priest performs an exorcism, he makes sure that he does not become familiar with the patient. He must not speak with the ‘devil’, not let it inside his head, not answer its questions or rise to any of its insults. Simply, he must determine the situation of the patient, and if he thinks necessary (and with the bishops permission), he may conduct an exorcism. One of the more practiced ways nowadays is for the priest, as soon as he arrives, to put a personal object into a container and command the demon to tell him what the object is. I can’t see how an ill child could manipulate that situation.

    Again, I am only half convinced by my own arguments, but I do recognize that something very strange can sometimes happen with supposed demonic possessions. Perhaps one day it will be explained medically, but until then, I am willing to entertain Ockham’s Razor in saying that perhaps the simplest solution (that it is an actual demonic possession), is the correct one.

  • Another good reason to not be catholic. They are always getting possessed.
    Hear about the girl who didn’t pay her exorcist. Well she got repossessed.

    • tj10

      Funny joke, but demonic possession is no joke!

  • diosyus

    Seriously? You have a masters degree? Surely your research must be based on some factual evidence? There is not one iota of that in this poorly written article. What utter tosh.

    • AdminCharlie

      If I could factually prove that demonic possession was real then there would be no debate would there?

      This article is about opinion, and about being slightly better informed about the facts of what seems to occur in some possessions. Not about the fact of possession and whether it exists or not.

      I try to list for you occurrences where possession has happened and the things above have transpired. I start the article off by saying I wanted it to be simple and to the point, not listing names and authors for everything I have written. (Evidence in your mind?) Please feel free to click on the link at the top of the article which does provide evidence and facts and the books and authors from where they are gathered. It does make for a more boring read though.

      I’m sorry you feel the article is poorly written, that would be my journalism skills.

      • Hamad Ashla

        I’m a Muslim so I disagree with pretty much everything this article contains in it. But I can’t deny it reads for a compelling read. I’d ignore the former comment, Charlie. Trolls like this exist all over the internet and are clearly angry about something. This actually comes across as an excellently written article and I am an English teacher in London so I should know!

        Thank you for sharing these opinions.

  • Guilherme Joshua Fantini Blake

    Occam’s Razor!

  • JD McKinstry

    OK, to say “physically impossible” is to deny every single Olympic Athlete that ever won a gold medal or deny every single marine that ever survived a 200 to 1 battle. The fact is, your body is far more superior than you realize. I don’t recall the exact figures, but I’ve seen plenty in medical journals describing our use of our muscles to be at only a slightly higher percentage than what we use of our brain, which I know is less than 15%. This means, we humans, are capable of a lot more than we know. We see it all the time, like the famous youtube of the mother who lifts the back of truck off of her sons legs after a car wreck. You never know what you’re capable of till you’re pushed to that limit. That also doesn’t make it a miracle. A miracle is “unexplained”, but all of this has explanations.

    For example, the ten year old cutting off her leg. Big deal. I’ve seen a schizophrenic woman bite off 3 of her own fingers one at a time. The only reason she didn’t get more was because she was tackled and shot up with meds. That same woman, thanks to medical science, manages a Toys R Us in Alabama today.

    You haven’t really proven anything with your article except that you still “want” to believe in this subject and you’re giving people further “reasons” to do the same. However, to anyone willing to do some medical research about the human body and neuroscience, you’ve provided nothing but gibberish.

    During different “medical” psychiatric problems, people are able to hallucinate, learn things without “consciously” knowing they learned it, lose ability to feel pain, and many more fun things. I am no doctor, but I have done a lot of work for doctors and been around these kinds of things for quite a while.

    Please don’t say you’re going to try and prove something from a non-religious pov if you’re not going to bother to remove religion and speculation and do some real research. You’re just misleading people.

    • Dennis

      Brother, we use pretty much 100% of our brain, nature simply is not going to throw something to not be used later… Our brain and its intricate network work to the “fullest” to keep us alive, and establish interactions with the outside in a continuous basis. We surely can push the limits, some people have more muscular resistance, strength than others, this is far written in their genes, however there is a limit as it has been imposed on us by nature through adaptation. We do have a limitless imagination! our greatest gift.

      • Josh Gilman

        The whole “we’re using 100% of our brain” declaration can’t be true…if it were, we’d all have savant like abilities in math, music, mnemonics…but we don’t. Only a few select have those gifts and that’s with other issues they must deal with though. I get that we use
        ‘all of our brain’ but we DO NOT know how to unlock its full potential. Savants show us were capable of so much more; they’re superhuman.

  • Brian eaton

    Demonic possession is real folks there is no way around the evidence.And I know for surety demonic possession is real because I experienced it, and also if your a Christian or profess to be one then you believe God’s word and in the bible the Lord healed demon possessed people and gave his disciples power and authority over demonic spirits.Really demonic possessions are not real if it was a Christian that wrote this article you should be ashamed for saying quote I’m not going to tell you demonic possession is real. It’s in the bible duh!

  • i wish i could believe

    I hate when people recall situations such as a child talking in several languages, just because research states it like a fact, dose not mean it happen anything like that or even at all, the internet cannot be used as a reference for anything, and further more, just because some one beleives, at the time, still isnt proof of anything, no offense to the author , and utmost respect for the individuals research, however none of this even makes me want to consider demonic possession just because some one at the time believed it to be

  • 10accre

    It’s all fake

  • David Baldwin

    Its hard to explain the levitation part in a demonic possession. I have heard of this symptom from credible sources in my county based on a suspected demonic possession which took place some time ago regarding three teenagers (females) who were floating, had incredible strength and spoke in different languages.

  • Jordan Magee

    Good article with some intersting points. Though one question I would pose is that if a demon needs a body to survive (which I can see the logic in) why would it want to kill the person as then it would have lost its home in the form of a body and would then have to go and look for another one? My father is very into this stuff in England and I have seen some exorcims take place. I have seen people roll around on the floor making awful curdling noises and vomiting and peoples faces take on the most unusual shapes and forms. I agree that demons need a body to survive. He says demons usually have a demand and need feeding whether it’s alcohol, violence, drugs or whatever. However on this point, if a demon possesses a person who is an alcoholic and demands them to drink excessively then the person can die through alcoholism, but in my opinion that may not necessarily be the demons intention as I stated, why would it want to kill something it needs to survive?

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