‘Celebrity’ Big Brother

January 15, 2013 6:00 pm

I never really liked Big Brother’s transmission from Channel Four to Channel Five. It went from being this super interesting social experiment to a desperate try hard. But when I heard Spencer and Heidi were going in the house I thought it was the greatest decision Channel Five could make.

Anyone who’s watched The Hills knows what great viewing this couple make. Self-proclaimed villains, they play their roles in reality television extremely well. It is not so much that they love to be hated they’d just realised very quickly other’s love to hate which inevitably means more viewings, more air time and more column inches. They make for good viewing – that is a fact.

So what strikes me is the way some viewers have taken to them. If you click on the Facebook page you have people calling them “vile”, “poisonous” and telling them to get back to America. Now, I’d like to take you back a couple of years to the Celebrity Big Brother where Jade Goody and that blonde one from S Club 7 were annihilated for their behaviour towards Shilpa Shetti. So why is it Rylan is allowed to tell them to “f*** off” back to America? Is that not equally as offensive? And if it isn’t… Why isn’t it? Because they’re white and have had all the advantages this white world has had to offer? Telling someone to go back to where they came from is a disgusting insult and should be treated with the same hostility as referring to someone’s skin colour. Moreover, what if Spencer and Heidi weren’t in the house? Most of the comments being made are about them. No Speidi, no comment.

What is worse is that whenever someone mentions the blatant racism on a Facebook post written by someone within Celebrity Big Brother the comments gets deleted. So not only is Celebrity Big Brother editing the motion of the House they’re also editing public opinion by getting rid of the comments they don’t like. What is the point of providing a platform for debate when you take out something that puts you in a bad light? I find it so frustrating that the viewers have taken a negative view of Spencer and Heidi. Here we have a couple who don’t wish to flaunt their relationship in front of the other housemates. They’re there as a couple but it wouldn’t be fair to have an extra comfort when the others in the house don’t get to have theirs. It’s this whole idea of being more concerned what other people are doing with their lives than considering what you’re doing with yours. And as Rylan found out, the impact of that can be emotionally damaging. But this is an entertainment show and we are being entertained.big brother eye

People are always quick to label people bullies in the house as well. Bullying is a serious thing but what they do by throwing it about like Razer throws his weight it really just makes a mockery of bullying. Apparently Spencer and Heidi were bullying other house mates like Claire and that Toad from Australia. It was Speidi verses the rest of the House – the minority against the majority. There is bullying there but not from Spencer and Heidi. The problem British people have with Americans is their confidence and sureness. They are so sure of their integrity that they don’t need to explode and be profane or threatening because ultimately the truth is far more damaging. The truth is the British housemates were venomous, vile and insufferable. However, in a situation where everyone is acting the same and there are no outsiders to call them up on it they can be nasty about anyone, so long as everyone else is nasty which makes it okay because when they get pulled up about it individually they can say: “it wasn’t just me”. As if that’s some sort of justification. People are so comfortable with speaking the truth in private that they go into a state of utter hypocrisy when they’re exposed.

To be famous in the US is to be world famous. To be famous in the UK means you’ll probably get stopped in Tesco but that’s about it and I think that’s what bothers the British housemates the most. They wish they could be LA famous. Heidi and Spencer are celebrities however infamous they may be and what that means is when you’ve got a room full of – let’s face it -nobodies, they try to compete against one another to see who is, or can be, more famous. Heidi and Spencer are in a league of their own.

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