Are You Aware Of Your Responsibilities As A Vehicle Owner?

August 1, 2018 4:43 pm

For many of us, there are few things that are more exciting than getting a new car or truck. It’s easy to get carried away with top speeds and mod cons when you’re a vehicle owner, but your interest in cars shouldn’t detract from your responsibilities as a driver. Whether you’ve been driving for a week or several decades, you must comply with certain rules.

The rules of the road

Every learner driver in the UK is encouraged to read and inwardly digest the Highway Code. This book may not make the most fascinating bedtime reading, but it’s so important to be aware of rules and regulations. It may seem dull to live by a set of commandments, but rules are in place to protect drivers and pedestrians. Most of us think that we are good drivers, but over 90 percent of crashes occur as a result of driver errors. Pay attention to speed limits, check your mirrors before you move your car, keep well back from the vehicle in front of you, and look out for road signs and traffic warnings. Look around you and check your blind spot before pulling out or changing lane and keep your eyes on the road at all times. If you’re driving dangerously, and you have an accident, there’s every chance that you could be held responsible. In contrast, if you’re hit by a careless driver, you have the right to make a claim, in which case, this New York injury advice would come to your aid. If this scenario sounds familiar, see more at Always remember that when you get behind the wheel, you’re not just in charge of your own destiny. If you make mistakes, other people may suffer. There are also legalities to bear in mind. If you break the law, you may be liable for fines or other punishments. Check out for legal advice in such cases.

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Maintaining your car

If you own a car or you hire a car on a long-term contract, you have a responsibility to maintain it and ensure that it is roadworthy. Most vehicles should be MOT tested every year, and regular services are recommended. You’ll also need to ensure you’re aware of how much road tax you need to pay and the date of renewal. Many new, eco-friendly vehicles are tax-exempt. In addition to services, it’s always a good idea to carry out routine checks, such as tyre, oil and water checks, on your car. You can find out more about basic car maintenance here Keeping your vehicle in check can help to lower the risk of accidents and save you money in the long-term. If you hear any unexpected sounds or you notice unpleasant odours, don’t bury your head and hope for the best. Call the garage and get your car looked at by a mechanic.

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If you love cars, it’s very easy to get distracted by fancy trims and newfangled gadgets, but it’s essential to remember that you have responsibilities as a vehicle owner. Make sure you drive carefully at all times, service your car regularly and keep up to date with tax payments and MOT tests.

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