Are we regressing as a race?

July 19, 2015 9:00 am

As humans we have come on leaps and bounds over the centuries. The 20th century alone saw amazing improvements in technology, travel and science. The human brain is an incredibly complex machine and knows no bounds. Yet as our brain power increases, and in doing so pushes us further away from other primates, it seems our heart is regressing.

After the most destructive century on record (20th), you would think as a race we would have learnt. Surely that is evolution. We develop as generations and improve on the previous generation. Yet as our brain power increases so does our capacity for misery and destruction. We are only 15 years into this century and already it is filled with hate, prejudice and malice. Abuse against the defenceless (young, infirmed or elderly) is rife and commonplace. Murder in the name of religion is the norm. Greed knows no limits. Terrorists kill using religion as an excuse, the Ku Klux Klan is on the increase, racism is still prominent as is sexism and discrimination towards gays and the disabled. So how is this progression? As a race we are becoming numb to the reports of death, poverty and discrimination. As a whole our hearts are becoming harder and harder, until we will stop feeling with it.


It is very sad that reactions are “muted” when reports of child sex abuse in all areas is rife, that x amount of people have been killed by a radicalised youth who was brainwashed by hate preachers using muslims as a smokescreen for their disgust at westerners. It is still sad that people are judged by the colour of their skin, their ethnicity or sexual orientation. We are all the same underneath, but as a race we have not learned the painful and shocking lessons of the 20th century. So far it does not hold out much hope for the 21st century. It is a poor lesson we are teaching the next generation, that greed and hate are the two most powerful weapons you need. Tolerance, love and compassion are quickly disappearing into the past. Poverty is expanding as the minority of rich grow richer. The gap between the two grows larger.

I believe as a race as our human brain progresses the warmth, love and compassion of our hearts has regressed.

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