Ambition: the modern aphrodisiac?

July 28, 2012 12:00 pm

Passion in the bedroom almost comes directly as a result of having a passion to meet your own targets

Imagine that situation. You’re with him. Hot. Sweaty. Lust coursing through your veins and heart beating two to the dozen. There’s only one thing on your mind.

“Please… do it… please.”

“You really want me to?”

“Yes… please… do it… I really want you… I really want you to tell me all your hopes and dreams.”

Now, now, hear me out. Just imagine it. You’re in the moment with someone you have some serious chemistry with. Fireworks are going off in your ears and all you can see is the bead of sweat on his forehead which can only mean that he wants it as much as you do. Then imagine gazing into his eyes and having him tell you intently about how he wants nothing more than to be a doctor and how he will do whatever it takes to get there. Long hours, working for free, gruelling studying… anything. The passion to reach his goal is bursting through every pore and the solid fact stares you straight in the face: there is nothing sexier than ambition.

When looking for romance people often have a checklist. Is he kind? Caring? Mature? Sophisticated? Funny? Sexy? Cute? Hench? Well endowed? Well. Although each of these are important to make a perfectly suitable mate, ambition is the one thing that trumps them all. A guy can be known for being hilarious and fun, but if he’s heading nowhere, he may as well be cracking his jokes in a language I don’t understand. A guy may also be known for being great in the sack and having the biggest you-know-what in the whole of the North West but if he’s got no ambition or drive to get somewhere in life then he may as well have a groin like a Ken doll. Ambition is like the personality equivalent of a six pack. Or a good jaw line. Or beefy arms. And everybody likes those.

Size doesn’t matter: Your ambition doesn’t have to be big to be attractive

Ambition is something very independent and shows a lot about someone’s character. If they’re aiming towards a goal, it’s a personal battle. And it can be aiming towards absolutely anything; it’s the passion and the drive to get there that drives girls (me) wild. The fight to get a promotion. To change the world. To get the ‘tories out of power. To get equality. To excel in a sport. To educate the uneducated. To travel and become cultured. To make the perfect Victoria Sponge. Anything can be sexy if there’s enough drive behind it and I can almost guarantee that you will be wholly rewarded with a happy ending if a girl realises you’re passionate about something that proves your independence. If you’re concentrating on your goal and not her, she’s not getting your full attention and this is a huge aphrodisiac.

I’ll give you an example that I really hope my parents don’t read. I had a boyfriend once who showered me with affection and attention almost 24/7. That was, until it was a meal time. He was a big fan of his food and as soon as he stepped in the kitchen and concentrated on making spaghetti bolognaise, I pretty much didn’t exist. This. Drove.Me.Crazy. He was focusing so hard on making the perfect meal that I couldn’t keep my hands off him; the attention to detail and ensuring his timing was spot on, the need to do something perfectly that didn’t involve me was so… sexy.

I know I’m not the only girl that thinks a guy with some independence and direction in life is a huge turn-on, so, fellas, what are you waiting for? In a world drowning in lazy people who don’t know ambition from their left foot, it has never been easier to attract the ladies. Start caring about something.

Me? I would take discussing life’s little targets over a session of foreplay any day of the week. I would take drive and passion over humour and I would almost certainly take a guy with ambition over a guy with the perfect face or body. Wouldn’t you?


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