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With the rise of the internet everyone started talking about this new blog phenomenon, and how great it all was. However, setting up and running a blog is a time consuming and a technically challenging process. But what happens when you really want to share an article with the world, be it a review, opinion or feature, but you cannot be bothered to set up your own blog or website? Is there an easier way to get your writing recognized, to be separated from the constant flow of rubbish that is found on the internet? How can you distinguish yourself as a professional writer and gain a large following without all the hassle of spending hours every day trying to market your product? Well that is where we come in:

MoonProject provides a means for anyone to publish an article online as long as they can write high quality content. You send us the article you want to publish and we read it over and if necessary edit it, or send it back to you with further suggestions. After that, if the quality of your content is high enough, we publish it for you! It really is as simple as that. You don’t have to worry about marketing, creating back-links or SEO because we take care of it all for you. Because of our large viewership your articles are also, more than likely, going to be seen by thousands of people – far more than you could hope for with a personal blog. Our level of personal service is one of the things which makes us so unique and special.

More successful writers will be given suitable recognition for the quality of their work, gaining privileges such as being able to publish their own articles without the need for us to quality check them first. You can then use your articles and the statistics of their success to show off to friends, colleagues or potential employers.

In this modern world, it is difficult to get recognized even when you are producing high quality work. Because of MoonProject’s guaranteed professional standard of content, if you are successful in becoming one of our authors, you can use us as a platform for your C.V. to show you are published within a respectable journalistic community. We aim to create the largest and most up-to-date database of high quality and interesting articles in the world. Ambitious, but we are aiming for nothing short of the moon!


So what are you waiting for? Start writing!

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