5 Ways to Prevent Your Home from Pests

March 28, 2018 6:05 pm

The problem with seeing one cockroach inside your home is that there are probably dozens more lurking where you cannot see them. You need to get an immediate home pest inspection so that the population does not have the ability to grow. However, all year round, you need to remain proactive about keeping pests from entering your house in the first place.

  1. Clean Your Home Often

Cleaning your home to remove clutter is a good way to keep bugs away. You should be removing crumbs often so that pests cannot find a food source. Take out the trash, so it does not accumulate in your kitchen. When you do take out the trash, make sure the bins are kept at a reasonable distance away from your house.

  1. Eliminate Excessive Moisture

In addition to eliminating food sources, you also want to make sure insects cannot get water. Installing a dehumidifier helps greatly. You also want to have a plumber come out to your home at least once annually to see if there are any leaks. Finally, make sure standing water does not build up on your yard. Standing water is an open invitation for mosquitoes to come by.

  1. Change Outdoor Lights

Many types of insects, from flies to moths, are attracted to bright lights. If you have lights directly outside your property, then you may want to consider how it affects your pest problem. In the event a light is right by a door, then bugs may fly inside as soon as the door opens. You can reduce pests’ attraction to light by using orange, yellow, or pink lighting.

  1. Trim Your Yard

When there are tree branches, brushes, or other foliage directly touching a home’s exterior, it makes for a pathway for insects to enter. Make sure nothing touches your home’s siding. You should also consider installing rocks as a landscaping material to border your building instead of using pine, straw, or mulch.

  1. Call an Experienced Pest Control Service

Most homeowners only think to contact a professional service when bugs have actually entered a home. However, most companies provide preventive services, too. This generally involves spraying around the perimeter of the property. You should have this service done at least twice a year to keep all seasonal pests away.

Whether you need a professional pest control company for bed bug exterminators, ants, or anything else, make sure you call Terminix. This company has over 8,000 technicians around the country, and you can be the next satisfied customer by calling 1-844-251-2164.

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