17 Pieces: Chapter 6

August 23, 2013 12:00 pm

Chapter 6
The rain had stopped and I ran as fast I can from the streets. The sprinkles of water droplet were drumming on my head. The thunders rolled and a sudden burst of shower came at me. Jackie fought to unlock the gates. She was soaked in water before she entered the house. Her face bore a smile. She had an excuse to change into long sleeves. The house was dark and menacingly shadows appear at her. The gray backpack slipped from her hands and a frightened scream froze her movement. A cat had moved.
“Hello, is anyone home?” she asked. The house was empty. The rains had kept everyone away. She browsed through the windows at the pouring water  and saw Bert running home. Splashing and playing covered in soared clothes. Jackie hurried to the room and returned with dry clothes.  The chubby looking boy burst through the door with clammy hands and clothes dripping over the floor.
“You better get out of those,” Jackie said, “I would not want you to catch a cold.”
“Hey is something here to eat?” Bert asked, “you eat?” Jackie threw him a glance and chuckled, “You better change into these and get some rest. No I haven’t eaten don’t feel like it.     “Hope you eat still, “ said Bert. His puppy eyes lit up and his hands reached for Jackie in an embrace.
“Oh you are sweets,” Jackie said as her face turned ugly in agony.
“Are you in pain?” Bert asked.
“Am ok dear, now run along and changed into something dry,” Jackie commanded. She bit her lips and covered her mouth. A burning sensation was peeling away her arm. The clouds clapped in lightening thunder. She eyed the dark dreadful sky and the rain pouring down. She knew he would want her body as he got into. It was going to be a very cold night and it came quickly.
Jackie teary eyes stood still as a man in a dark outfit with white collar tiptoed into her room. His eyes shone bright in pleasure at her sight. She had removed the sheet to show her shorts and her well-sculptured body. He quickly undressed and jumped on the frightened girl. Shrilling sounds erupted as tears flowed. Jackie hid her face during the entire act. The burning sensation on her arm took away any pain. Breathing hard the man laboured in pleasure on her small body and then rolled from her body to the side of the bed in a deep sleep.
She struggled to move from the iron bed toward the bathroom to wash the blood that flowed from in-between her legs. This was a normal routine for her to have a bath and changed into another outfit and prayed that the man that laid in her bed never awoke until the next day. She switched on the light and the short fat man snoozed in deep sleep. Her eyes glimpsed a pair of scissors and she said bitterly: “I should kill the pervert if only I could find the courage, I should stab his private parts like how he dig out mine.” Sobbing a little, her hands stood still as she reached for the scissors and she pointed it to her neck. A scream halted her movement and she saw the man looking at her in shock.
“God, would never forgive you if you do that dear,” the word bellowed and Jackie dropped the scissors and ran into the bathroom. The man slowly shook his head and went to his room. Jackie slept into the bathroom. The next morning blood had crept through the bathroom and caught Bert eyes. He summoned Cherry.  Jackie had cut herself all over.
“Francis, Francis!” Cherry shouted but no sound came from his room. She rushed to his room and found him in a pool of blood.
“We have got to get out of here,” Cherry screamed and grabbed Jackie and Bert ran from the building.

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